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Cardano Founder Charles Hoskinson Shares The Strategy For Presenting Financial Operating System

Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson shared insights about the company’s new decentralized cryptocurrency project outlining the objective to create a secure framework that facilitates complete economic identity to people. 

Cardano Founder Talks About Project Aspirations

Hoskinson talked about Cardano in an interview with the Slot Leader, referring to the project as an ambitious financial operating system that has capabilities to garner novel services and also upscale itself to accommodate new users efficiently.

He Shared His Insights In an Exclusive Interview

He said that

“The general idea is that the system should be an end-to-end stack for economic identity. So what that means is that if some person in Senegal, or some person in Rwanda, or wherever, enters the system, they should be able to have some place to place their data and their identity, to build a reputation. “

IOHK  Attracting Blockchain Developers

IOHK, Cardano’s parent company, put across a public fund of 250 thousand US dollars for increasing developer interest in building DApps(Decentralized Apps) for the Cardano blockchain. The enormous public fund is intended to source the Cardano’s Voltaire phase that brings in the voting and treasury systems to the blockchain interface. The upcoming systems help the Cardano users to work on various aspects like technical enhancements, funding, and software updates.

Voltaire Phase Adds New Dimension To Cardano

Cardano would suffice complete economic identity with the successful completion of the Voltaire phase. The CEO said that Cardano would be a one-stop-shop for the customer’s overall needs; it gives a complete identity to the users, which is highly recognizable and cannot be revoked or lost.He detailed about the upcoming areas for Cardano citing  the deal made in Georgia, where the PRISM system would onboard 50000 students to authenticate their college degrees. He also talked about the company’s lookout into DeFi projects and new financial applications.

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