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Catching Up With PhotoChromic

The cryptocurrency ecosystem has now integrated with the majority of the industries in the world. This widespread adoption of digital currencies has also painted a target on its back, where hackers and exploiters aim to weaken the foundation of the industry. However, projects such as PhotoChromic are strengthening the core of the sector using its exceptional set of tools and features. 

PhotoChromic has introduced a unique use case of NFT where it integrates a user’s identity with the NFT to develop a biometrically managed model of Self-Sovereign Identity on the Blockchain. There has been a lot of development behind the scenes that PhotoChromic recently revealed in a Medium blog. Let’s take a quick look at what’s been happening. 

PhotoChromic Project Update: Q2 – 2022

PhotoChromic aims to make crypto safer by empowering people to take ownership of their identities. The project pays attention to fixing exploits and vulnerabilities while fixing the problem at the root cause. The team at the project is focused on developing the future of digital identity. Recently, PhotoChromic launched its Soulbound Token on Ethereum Mainnet. Moreover, the Genesis PhotoChromic NFT owners can also mint their Soulbond Identity NFT and refer a friend for an additional discount on minting fees. 

Apart from that, PhotoChromic released an interactive application that enables you to transact with verified people. The project also joined the first cohort of Startup with ChainLink and released the developer documentation and SDK. PhotoChromic also provided rewards of up to $50,000 for projects which build and deliver services leveraging PhotoChromic protocol. 

Photochromic is consistently releasing new updates and adding features to the platform to make it safer and more lucrative for the users. You can read about the entire project update here. 

About PhotoChromic

PhotoChromic believes that every individual should have complete control over their identity data. To that extent, PhotoChromic has designed a biometrically managed Self Sovereign Identity on the Blockchain. It tokenizes people’s identities using NFT that is programmable, verifiable, universal, and digitally secured. 

Photochromic is a blockchain protocol that enables valuable utility on the internet to bond a user’s identity with their digital and physical assets, valuable relationships, and digitally signed agreements. 

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