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Alchemy Pay Enables Shopify To Allow Crypto Payments

 Shopify, a well-known e-commerce software solutions company, gets closer to crypto adoption by announcing a partnership with Alchemy Pay to enable crypto payments for its vendors and partners. The firm provides e-commerce solutions to leading businesses worldwide, mainly in the US, UK, and Asia. The support for crypto payments makes

Polkadot Tells All About Its New IPO Model

Polkadot wants to scale up its offerings by providing state of the art services to the crypto enthusiasts and developers. The company has now released a new IPO model based on the Substrate crowdfunding module in which the various teams can receive DOT loans from the different DOT token holders.  Polkadot

Shell Protocol Introduces Its Stablecoin Liquidity Pool

Shell Protocol just announced its stablecoin liquidity pool, which marks its debut in the much populated stablecoin ecosystem. The company is likely to face much competition as there are already many established players in the stablecoin liquidity pool. Stablecoin Liquidity Space is Crowded  Over the past few months, the popularity of stablecoins Announces Polkadot Integration

Aleph.Im announced integration with Polkadot enabling the users building on Polkadot to decentralize their DApps and protocols. It allows them to ward off the centralized structure within their apps and use's a decentralized platform, framework, and computing systems.  Web3 Era Projects Now supported With this, the company extends support for the

No BreakOut for Bitcoin Before End of 2020

Bitcoin has recorded substantial growth in the past few years, becoming the most talked about and popular cryptocurrency worldwide.  Most of the people use the term Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency interchangeably, seemingly laymen being unaware of other tokens.  Bitcoin, however, is now struggling to achieve a substantial uptrend. Over the last