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Algorand is the first US blockchain sponsor of Fifa World

The blockchain network Algorand has partnered with FIFA for sponsorship and technical partner deals as the project became the first official blockchain partner for the soccer association. The deal was announced on May 2nd and will also involve Algorand becoming a regional supporter from North America and Europe for the

Solana Network Equals Carbon Neutral

In the past few months, environmentalists and other concerned parties have been blaming the cryptocurrency ecosystem for its apparently high carbon footprint that is harming the environment. While the recent studies and numbers do not support this fact, the nay-sayers continue to blame digital currencies for everything wrong.  Luckily, blockchain is

Commerzbank, The German Banking Giant, applies for Crypto License

The amalgamation of traditional and decentralized finance is evident from the fact that several centralized institutions are making accommodations for digital currencies. Commerzbank, a German banking giant, has also joined this adoption wave by applying for a crypto license.  According to a spokesperson for Commerzbank. The bank has already applied for

DeFi Bytes – The Next Meetup by Blockchained India in Initialize Metaverse

The blockchain and digital asset industry have gone blastic with the popularity and adoption increasing at a rapid rate. To celebrate and accommodate this growth, there have been several offline events taking place both virtually and in person all around the world. One of the interesting meetups is being organized

The world’s first Crypto-Backed Payment Card by Nexo and Mastercard

The adoption of digital currencies has been massive, which has now become more evident with traditional financial service providers such as Mastercard, turning their interests toward offering digital currency payment services.  Recently, in an interesting development, Nexo, the leading regulated institution for digital assets, has partnered with Mastercard to launch a