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DeFi Bytes – The Next Meetup by Blockchained India in Initialize Metaverse

The blockchain and digital asset industry have gone blastic with the popularity and adoption increasing at a rapid rate. To celebrate and accommodate this growth, there have been several offline events taking place both virtually and in person all around the world. One of the interesting meetups is being organized

The world’s first Crypto-Backed Payment Card by Nexo and Mastercard

The adoption of digital currencies has been massive, which has now become more evident with traditional financial service providers such as Mastercard, turning their interests toward offering digital currency payment services.  Recently, in an interesting development, Nexo, the leading regulated institution for digital assets, has partnered with Mastercard to launch a

Why Success-Based Crypto PR Firms Are the New Industry Standard

There are many factors that make a crypto project successful; good underlying technology, a genuine market gap that is being filled, good management, and, of course, good PR. In a market as competitive as crypto, it is fairly easy for even the best projects to fly under the radar without

Worldpay from FIS becomes the first global merchant to facilitate direct USDC Settlement! 

FIS is a financial technology leader that recently announced its subsidiary Worldpay would become the first global merchant acquirer to offer global merchants the ability to transact directly in USDC, a reserved stablecoin. This step by FIS will bridge traditional finance with decentralized finance and open up the doors for

The emergence of Traditional Trading Products in DeFi

Decentralized finance was born out of the need for an alternative payment network powered by blockchain technology that can potentially replace the centralized finance system. While DeFi is unique, decentralized, and more secure than centralized finance, it still uses several of centralized finance’s core abilities, such as trading.  To give crypto