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Cryptocurrency In India Webinar – Featuring Mr Subhash Chandra Garg on 17th July

The RBI ban on cryptocurrencies induced several crypto players to raise their voice against the move. Khaitan & Co, one of the oldest law firms in India was one of the front-runners that advocated its opinions against the RBI ban. This time, the law firm endeavors to push reforms in

Blockchained India conducts India’s first Blockchain and Crypto Virtual meet-up amidst Coronavirus fears

  Blockchained India is a result of an avid need to learn and satisfy curiosity towards the impact of Blockchain technology for a progressing country like India. Blockchain in India is still in its infancy and for it to take-off will require some more research, an in-depth understanding and a higher

Decentruck – The Truck which Raises Awareness of Decentralization

  Parallel Polis is not a term we often hear. It is a term that talks about revolutionary ideas of how society can evolve based on the exchange of innovative ideas and liberal thoughts. The Parallel Polis project is aimed at helping people gain knowledge, work on their capabilities and also

Crypto Asset Conference Comes To Beautiful Goa

Now theres one more reason to visit Goa next week - apart from the beach, relaxing shacks and mind numbing cocktails. Crypto Asset Conference! Ever since Bitcoin made a disruptive debut in 2008, Blockchain technology has become an essential component of emerging technologies set to rule. The promotion of blockchain and Decentralized

MenaPay Sponsors Revolutionary Blockchain Turkey Summit 2018

Blockchain Turkey Summit 2018 had the makings of the ideal Blockchain and Cryptocurrency event of the year. It showcased the revolutionary products, services and ideas that Blockchain can bring about and the ease and comfort of digital payments through Cryptocurrency. The theme of the Blockchain Turkey Summit 2018 was ‘Exploring

Futurama Blockchain Innovators Summit

Futurama Blockchain Innovators Summit | InsideCrypto Today

Brock Pierce and Company Will Bring Together Exchanges, and Regulators Around Spanish Crypto Summit Brock Pierce, considered to be the center figure of cryptocurrency culture, tweeted about an upcoming event that will have all blockchain lovers, raring to go, or as crypto enthusiasts would say, ‘Futurama to the moon!’ The event is