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Will Bitcoin Mining be harmed as China seeks to restrict Energy-Consuming projects?

In the latest news, Colin Wu, a Chinese journalist covering everything about the crypto world, recently tweeted about China’s plan to restrict energy-consuming projects. This new measure, while aimed to conserve energy, might harm the Bitcoin mining industry. During Politburo’s 29th joint study session of the CPC Central Committee, Xi Jinping,

MicroStrategy Q1 Earning reports Bitcoin Holdings surpassing $5 Billion

Some experts thought that Bitcoin transactions would slow down due to the ongoing pandemic. However, the current Q1 reports from MicroStrategy beg to differ.  The much-awaited financial reports from MicroStrategy for the first quarter of 2021 depict the company's all Bitcoin investments during the period. According to the report, the company

Crypto Whales are in no mood to settle even in volatile situations

Looks like the Whales are still not getting enough of Bitcoin Ethereum and Ripple because as in April, the demand has only intensified! Despite the highly volatile month of April, the cryptocurrency whales have actually accumulated large portions. On-chain data has revealed that famed and large BTC addresses have broadened their

Why is Student Coin $STC the latest addition to the crypto revolution?

The cryptocurrency industry has come a long way from just being an alternate digital payment source and has several use cases now. With the latest addition of the DeFi and blockchain technology in the crypto world, new opportunities have opened up for people to adapt to the digital world.  Student Coin

Binance launches tokenized stock Binance-Coinbase trading pair COIN/BUSD

Blockchain is on its way to establishing its presence in every field. It is only natural that someone figures out a way to establish interoperability between the real-stocks and cryptocurrency. Mirror Protocol pioneered this idea back in December 2020 by launching the first tokenized stock. This stock leveraged synthetic stocks as