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Binance Charity Garnering Funds to Combat CoronaVirus

Coronavirus has rendered countries helpless with quarantines and ceasing of economic activities imposing heavy losses. Governments all across the world are trying their best to come out of the pandemic, and are welcoming charity and donations to get the economy going and provisioning services to fight it. When many organizations,

Remote working options in crypto-market – the need of the hour

The crypto job market is now increasingly becoming a great option for crypto professionals as the coronavirus continues to make the news. With the virus changing the dynamics of the market and restricting people within their homes, it is also calling for a change in the way the world is

Popular Whistle-blower Edward Snowden says he is interested in Bitcoin!

Edward Snowden is a 38-year-old computer programmer who used to work as a subcontractor of the National Security Agency (NSA). Snowden had earlier collected to-secret information and documents about how NSA conducts domestic surveillance and also highlighted the disturbing practices that it conducts. Then he fled to HongKong and had

Decentruck – The Truck which Raises Awareness of Decentralization

  Parallel Polis is not a term we often hear. It is a term that talks about revolutionary ideas of how society can evolve based on the exchange of innovative ideas and liberal thoughts. The Parallel Polis project is aimed at helping people gain knowledge, work on their capabilities and also

Crypto Competition of the Week – Super Blackhole Announces a Video Competition

We have seen economies being destroyed by inflation. Many years ago when hyper-inflation struck like a storm in Argentina, we could see people reeling under the pressure of decreased value of their currency making everything, even the basics unaffordable. But thanks to the power of technology, the gap between the

CoronaVirus Coin – Proof of Death

The outbreak of coronavirus has impacted world trade and instilled a fear even in the biggest economies of the world. Many businesses that have been directly affected, especially the airlines’ industry are waiting for the pandemonium to rest before businesses bounce back.  But the cryptocurrency industry have managed to mint