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Chainlink Price Surges By 21 Percent 

The Chainlink is surging once again after staying subservient for a month. The oracle protocol Chainlink Token rose from 7.50 USD to 9.20 USD within a few hours after it had dropped massively this month. The token had skyrocketed by a whopping one thousand percent in 2020. The Chainlink surge is attributed to the common market trends; however, LINK’s massive surge has staggered the market watchers.

Crypto Markets Surging

While the most popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, also managed to grow by 3 percent only from 10, 237 USD to 10.673 USD bringing positive vibes in the crypto market. Comparatively, the Links 21percent surge is unprecedented.

LINK Holders to Be Cautious

However, the experts suggest that the LINK holders and traders should practice caution amid the rising wave of optimism after looking at the charts. In Mid-august this year, LINK reached its all-time high of 20 dollars/coin; however, it started to plummet soon. LINK has not entirely recovered from the fall and suffered another day running into losses. The Link Marines need to toil a lot to maintain and build up the momentum even though Chainlink is on its way to make through the bull channel.

Bitcoin- LINK Pair Trading to Increase

Chainlink price hike may be a reaction to the Bitcoin trading gaining momentum, leading to a price rally boosting the LINK-Bitcoin pair trading. The chain link’s token price may have surged due to its announcement of capturing a significant partner that increased interest in the protocol. 

Travala Announced Chainlink Payments Support

Today Travala, a leading platform for selling tourism services, announced that it now supports Chainlink Payments.

Travala CEO Juan Otero announced through a press release,

“With cryptocurrency adoption on the rise, we want to ensure our users at have access to the most popular payment choices. LINK has always been a token requested by members of our community, so we have responded to this request.”


The Link Marines and users can now use their LINK tokens to procure tourism services and stay in around 2.2 million homestays and hotels worldwide. As Chainlink’s price soared massively today, the announcement of Travala’s support is looked at as a significant boost for the same.  


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