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Check Out Masao Akimoto’s NFT Collections

The NFT market has become the dominant force within the cryptocurrency community and accounts for most revenue generated within the space. NFTs have brought a whole new dimension to crypto, making it a money-making industry. It has become the new attraction and is magnetising new faces to the crypto revolution.

One big name attracted to NFTs is Masao Akimoto, the Co-founder of popular blockchain magazine, Inside Crypto Mag and the CMO of Picnab, an NFT stock image marketplace for photographers. Akimoto has entered the NFT marketplace and has a whopping 44 pieces from different collections listed on OpeanSea.

Masao Akimoto, a Lover of NFTS

Akimoto is also an NFT creator and HODLer, but he loves to stay behind the scenes and enjoy the world of NFTs. Akimoto is a force to reckon with in the crypto space and for a while is a proud collector of famous NFT collections such as the 80s APE Club, CyberPunks’ Loot, CryptoKitties, Winter is Here, Mortal Kombat, Rotten Pineapple Alert, Chibi girl 079, and a lot of others.

As a crypto enthusiast, Akimoto loves to make his genius felt. Therefore, he has also created his own NFTs, listed on OpenSea and Rarible, among other collections. 

Akimoto’s collections are pretty promising. The price of these NFTs ranges from 0.0003 ETH to 55.55 ETH. The biggest of his collection is an NFT from Loot (for Cyberpunks) collection, which contains various rare collectible in-game components. Akimoto also possesses NFTs from the APE Club, Citadel Citizens Club, MutantPunks, Psychedelic Mutant Ape. These hold great rewards and potential.

Akimoto’s love for cryptocurrency began in 2017, and he considers himself a master within the ecosystem. He has worked with DeFi and has a particular interest in NFTs. Although he loves to stay away from the spotlight, one can only admire his list of collections, which will bring in great rewards.

The NFT Revolution

NFTs, or Non-fungible Tokens, are blockchain-based digital assets assigned to real-world or digital assets. NFTs have grown in popularity due to their lighthearted approach and the potential it offers to many businesses, such as art, as it can pave the way for them into the blockchain world and yield results for the owner. Depending on the rarity and originality of the collection, NFTs might cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a million dollars. NFT arts are currently making waves, and holders of these arts are raking in huge profits. Others are creating these NFTs making the market one of diverse possibilities.

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