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Chirp launches its IoT DePIN with Global Shipment of Gateways to 33 Countries

Chirp, a pioneering company in the field of decentralized physical infrastructure, is thrilled to announce the successful shipment of its first batch of gateways “The Blackbirds”  to 33 countries worldwide. These gateways mark a significant milestone in the development of the Chirp Network, which is set to revolutionize the DePIN landscape.

The first stage of the The Chirp Network represents the world’s first public IoT network that supports multiple communications protocols and featuring long-range 2.4GHz ISM band. With the arrival of these gateways, users known as “keepers” will be able to establish robust Long Range coverage for their IoT devices, enabling seamless connectivity and data transmission over extended distances.

One of the key advantages of the Chirp Network is its incentivization model. Keepers, who purchase and host the gateways, will be rewarded for providing coverage and maintaining the DePIN network in the form of $CHIRP tokens. This tokenized reward system encourages active participation from users and ensures the growth and sustainability of the network.

In the next phase of its development, Chirp plans to announce a testnet on the Sui blockchain in Q3 of 2023. This important milestone will further enhance the network’s capabilities and pave the way for expanded functionality and integration with blockchain technology.

Interested investors and community members are invited to join the waitlist on the official Chirp website at By joining the waitlist, individuals will have the opportunity to participate in future gateway and token sales, contributing to the expansion of the Chirp Network and the broader DePIN ecosystem.

“We are thrilled to announce the successful shipment of our gateways to 33 countries, marking a major step forward in our mission to create a truly unique DeWi network,” said Tim Kravchunovsky, CEO of Chirp. “The Chirp Network, with its long-range capabilities and incentivization model, presents a groundbreaking solution for IoT connectivity. We look forward to welcoming keepers and community members to join us on this exciting journey as we continue to redefine the future of physical infrastructure.”

About Chirp:

Chirp is a trailblazing company at the forefront of decentralized physical infrastructure. By leveraging blockchain technology and incentivization models, Chirp aims to build innovative networks that provide seamless connectivity and create new opportunities in various domains, including IoT, telecommunications and broadband.

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