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Chirpley is Opening the Second Round of Whitelisting on FantomStarter!

Chirpley announced its listing on FantomStarter for its upcoming IDO in July this year. After a successful first round of IDO whitelisting, Chirpley is back with the second round of whitelisting. 

Chirpley is the world’s first automated peer-to-peer, all-in-one influencer marketplace that focuses on nano and micro-influencers. Chirpley is a cutting-edge influencer marketing platform designed to help small influencers. The project has been developed with the aim of creating a decentralized platform that operates in the interest of the end users. 

Chirpley utilizes core technologies such as Machine Learning and Big Data technologies to give marketers the opportunity to develop campaigns using thousands of small influencers in a matter of minutes. 

Currently, Chirpley is hosting the second round of its whitelisting process for its upcoming IDO. Chirpley is giving investors an opportunity to become a core part of the project with the help of FantomStarter

Chirpley believes, 

“Most current influencer platforms tend to be traditional and manual, consuming hard work and long hours. However, Chirpley recognizes that nano and micro-influencers are the future of influencer marketing. 

The platform promises to liberate small-scale influencers by enabling them to finally earn a living. With this comes empowering marketers by eliminating the stress, time, and inefficiency that typically accompanies working with smaller-scale influencers.”

FantomStarter helps investors invest and projects to raise capital on any blockchain. FantomStarter helps curated projects to connect with investors and build a solid community. The project developers can accelerate their idea and connect with a network of trusted potential partners, KOLs and other benefits. 

Apart from FantomStarter, Chirpley is hosting its IDO on other launchpads as well. To learn more, visit

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