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Coinbase Card is on its way!

If – like yours truly – you signed up for waiting list for the Coinbase Card when they announced its launch back in APril this year, you will have been waiting with baited breath for the update confirming the physical rollout. I certainly was, and it was fantastic to get the notification over the weekend that my first ever Cryptocurrency Visa card was headed my way. Not such a big deal, you may say, it’s just a gimmic or a pointless novelty. That may well be the case as far as serious crypto investors are concerned. But as fas as mass adoption for cryptocurrency as a day to day method of payment for goods and services goes, the significance of this new addition to the space should not be overlooked. Here in the UK, there is a thriving crypto community, but it is largely an underground thing, a fringe society at best. Few and far between are retailers and other organisations who have made the move to allow crypto payments, and for everyday purchases, it is simpy impractical.

So, the burning question today – will the Coinbase Card really make it as easy for me to pay for my everyday purchases as my current Visa Debit card from a major retail bank? Well, that is exactly what I intend to find out over the coming weeks. Once I have received this very special piece of plastic, I shall be trying a simple experiment – can I live off crypto alone for a week, living exactly as I do at present?

I can’t wait to get started on my experiment as soon as that envelope lands on the floor beneath my letterbox. Not since my childhood days do I recall anticipating the postman quite so eagerly. Watch this space…

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