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Coinbase Cloud Launches Avalanche Developer Tools Suite

Coinbase, a popular bitcoin exchange & crypto services company announced recently that Coinbase Cloud, an arm of its establishment that offers web3 APIs, services, and blockchain infrastructure, has rolled out a new suite of infrastructure tools and solutions for the growing Avalanche blockchain ecosystem.

Coinbase is a multi-chain that supports several blockchains, including Ethereum, Avalanche, Polygon, and BNB Chain having over 13 million users across its mobile applications and Chrome browser extension. Going further, the community has over a long time built a global reputation which gives it a solid pad to stand tall as it competes directly with wallets like Metamask and others. 

Avalanche is an Ecosystem

Avalanche is a high-speed smart contract platform with near-instant finality and EVM compatibility. Developers can deploy their Ethereum applications on Avalanche’s C-Chain or deploy custom-built blockchains as a subnet. As a burgeoning system, Avalanche has seen accelerated growth in 2021 since its launch in 2020, reaching new highs in active addresses, transactions, and total value locked. Currently, Coinbase Cloud is committed to supporting the Avalanche ecosystem, making it easier and faster for developers to build innovative applications and unlock new use cases.

Presently, Avalanche has $11 billion in total value locked and 185 protocols being built on its blockchain. This new suite of tools offered by Coinbase Cloud for interacting with and building on the Avalanche blockchain will help developers create and grow their crypto products as it utilizes Coinbase Cloud’s new public validator which delegators can use to stake their AVAX easily and securely.

Coinbase Builds with Avalanche 

While this news hit the wires, it’s worthy to note that Coinbase Wallet offers first-class support for Avalanche C-Chain and the Fuji testnet, as well as EVM-compatible subnets, ensuring that any EVM-compatible application runs seamlessly and reliably through Coinbase Wallet. This integration can be completed in minutes with only a few lines of code. 

In addition, the project disclosed that it’s building its Query & Transact infrastructure to empower developers to have easy access to data from the Avalanche blockchain. According to Coinbase, having an easy way to access data and submit transactions is the most fundamental step to building Dapps such as wallets, exchanges, data aggregators, and blockchain analytics solutions. More so, the company noted that once available, developers can also easily customize their Query & Transact read/write infrastructure via the Coinbase Cloud web interface to meet their needs. 

Feedbacks from Avalanche & Coinbase 

With all that this means, the Head of Product at Coinbase Cloud, Joe Lallouz, disclosed that Coinbase Cloud is set and ready to contribute to building a more vibrant and accessible Web3 economy as it looks forward to working with the project where it seeks to help its network grow and scale while the VP of Marketing at Ava Labs, Jay Kurahashi-Sofue said:

“We are thrilled to be working with Coinbase Cloud. The Coinbase Cloud team offers the technical expertise, security best practices, and deep understanding of protocols that will make them one of the important contributors to Avalanche. We are excited for what’s to come and to build the Web3 future with Coinbase Cloud”.

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