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Coinbase Launches a Voter Registration Tool as Part of a Broader Education Initiative

Coinbase, in an unexpected move, has launched a voter registration portal pertaining to its crypto policy education initiative. This news comes as a surprise because earlier, the CEO said he doesn’t  “advocate for any particular causes or candidates internally that are unrelated to our mission.”

However, Coinbase’s chief Policy Officer, Faryar Shirzad, in a blog post, said that the crypto exchange would offer the users an opportunity to register and vote in the US using a Capitol Canary website. According to Shirzad, this voter registration tool is a part of Coinbase’s initiative aimed at offering the crypto community “tools to participate in the critical policy discussions happening across the United States.”

Shirzad further added, “Electing leaders who are pro innovation and who favor sensible crypto policy is critical to our mission of increasing economic freedom. That’s why we’re launching an initiative to help the crypto community to get engaged and be heard.”

The blog post by Coinbase sheds further light on the exchange’s intention with this decision. 

“Today, more than ever, crypto and web3 are cemented as topics of public interest and the political debate,” said Shirzad. “Political candidates are talking about them, the public is interested in them, and the crypto community wants to help shape them.”

“In the next few years, legislation and regulations will be developed that will help shape the direction of our industry for the coming decade […] It is essential that our elected leaders understand the potential of crypto and support a policy framework that fosters continued innovation here in the United States.” He further added. 

According to the blog post, Coinbase has taken this decision to enable crypto in the electoral process and make the industry unavoidable for the government as well. As governments around the world are tightening their ropes around crypto regulations, this decision might actually make a significant difference in how digital currencies will prevail in the future. 

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