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Coinbase Wallet Now Supports Ethereum Layer 2 Scaling Project

Ethereum DeFi platforms are taking the cryptocurrency industry by storm, and with each passing day, decentralized finance gets stronger against the centralized crypto.  Substantiating the same, now, the Optimistic Ethereum testnet would be supported on Coinbase’s non-custodial wallet.

First-Ever Partnership Between a Wallet and Layer 2 Ethereum Project

The partnership between Optimistic and Coinbase is the first of its kind for a mainstream wallet service and Ethereum project. The Ethereum scaling startup provides  Layer 2 Solution, which uses the Optimistic rollup technique to reduce the blockchain’s data processes by using off chain computation. The layer 2 scaling uses off-chain computing on the various decentralized platforms to create a more secure, faster, and cost-effective transactions.

Wallet Infrastructure a Challenge in Scaling Ethereum

Optimistic also said that wallet infrastructure would be their challenge as they try to move the Optimistic ecosystem on layer 2 of Ethereum blockchain. The roadblocks in managing the transaction User Experience and optimizing the EVM implementations would be there. However, the team is looking forward to Coinbase’s support to build a highly usable blockchain.

Coinbase is one of the most prominent crypto exchanges, and its wallet is widely used by the crypto traders. The first of its kind partnership between a layer 2 Ethereum project and e-wallet service would definitely prove substantial for Ethereum in the future. With the rollout, the Coinbase users would be able to send their transactions with the Optimistic layer 2 testnet safely and securely.

Coinbase Integration a Welcome Sign

Ethereum Scaling is a critical task that requires a lot of contribution and support from the overall crypto community. Optimism said that they are building a protocol that would support mammoth scaling and ensure that the user experience is always great during rollups. Vitalik Biterin of Optimistic said that the company is delighted to announce Optimistic Ethereum testnet integration on the Coinbase wallet. The users would play with the feature as it is integrated with the Mintr frontend that is live on the Optimistic testnet.

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