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Commonwealth Mining, NFT platform Fedge FI grand launching

Commonwealth Mining, located in the Republic of Georgia, announced the launch of Fedge FI (hereinafter referred to as ‘Fedge FI’), an NFT platform project.

As the NFT market grows, virtual asset-based NFT platforms continue to develop. Commonwealth Mining plans to open the Fed FI service so that everyone at home and abroad can reliably provide the public with ownership of various digital works and expensive assets, previously available for a few, through splitting the ownership beyond national barriers.

Fedge FI continues to evolve based on the wallet-type APP, which is based on the FIL Coin mining hash power already held by the project in Fedge FI APP version 1.0 and has functions such as events for user expansion, FIL Coin hash rental sales, and FIL Coin deposit service. In APP version 2.0, pool villas in Thailand, logistics warehouses in the Philippines, and distribution and investment of Korean movies and dramas will be funded by NFT issuance to monetize P2P transactions between users and allow their online transactions in the form of cross-border auctions. In APP version 3.0, it was announced that it would secure a variety of users by applying a random lottery service such as limited-edition products and cherished items of celebrities.

All fees in the Fedge FI NFT ecosystem utilize FFI tokens, and FFI tokens are planned to be used as an exchange method for initial NFT funding in the wallet-type APP System. In addition, the Fedge FI Foundation plans to strengthen the wallet function in the future according to the balance of liquid assets, so that BTC, ETH, USDT, etc. can be used and deposited. A Fedge FI official said, “As investors in the Philippines, Thailand, China, Korea, and Japan continue to pay keen attention, we will do our best to provide abundant asset value and liquidity resources through various developments of the wallet-type APP for the development of the NFT ecosystem and disclose all NFT information to increase the reliability of the Fedge FI platform.” and further emphasized, “We will try to become a leader in the NFT market by creating an NFT platform that connects reality and virtual assets through Fedge FI.” Fedge FI is expected to show various investment products and consumer products on the market with NFT through the development of a transparent and reliable wallet-type APP for real-world assets in the future.

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