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Convergence of AI and Blockchain: What’s the Deal?

Crypto and AI, two different schools of thought that garnered quite the audience and notice these past few years, mostly because of how controversial they are in the eyes of the people.

Beyond the controversies and the rousing suspicion of the public eye however, there’s no doubt that these two tech advancements revolutionized the way we see technology and the Internet today.

So the intermingling of these two is understandably something that captured the attention of tech enthusiasts and industry experts alike, two of the biggest pieces of tech in the 21st century, collaborating on a single file? That’s something unheard of even in the early days of the Internet. Add to this the fact that for most of AI’s initial run, it was pitted against cryptocurrencies too. 

So how about we explore the implications that these two could offer, once Blockchain-Powered AI technologies take hold of the Internet!

Understanding Blockchain and AI

For the readers that have gone off the grid over the past 5 years or so, here’s what blockchain and AI is all about: 

Blockchain Technology:

Blockchain is a decentralized distributed ledger model that records transactions over a vast network of computers. Each transaction is recorded immutably and is added as a “block” to the chain of transactions in a single network, and is secured using cryptography.

This blockchain model ensures data integrity and eliminates the need for on-case audits which severely hastens the process of transacting, recording, and saving every piece of information. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI):

AI on the other hand refers to the simulation of human-level cognition in machines, enabling them to learn, reason, think, and create complex decisions initially thought impossible. The vast implications that AI could bring in a wide range of fields including IT, FinTech, Medicine, Science and Physics, and more makes it such a groundbreaking concept. However, issues revolving around the morality of AI have surfaced since the concept was coined, and thus the whole industry that builds upon it is effectively walking on eggshells to this day. 

Convergence of AI and Blockchain: What’s The Deal?

While caveats are there—they always are after all, the positive implication that the convergence of Blockchain Technology and AI could bring is astounding and is deserving of a thorough discussion. Among these benefits and features that we may one day experience and enjoy are as follows:

Decentralized AI Models:

Currently, conventional AI models like ChatGPT run on centralized servers where data is stored and processed. Not only does this raise concerns about privacy and data ownership, this also raises cases for sustainability and efficiency as centralized servers are known for massive crashes that could effectively kill platforms and programs in a blink.

Should blockchain be implemented in AI technology, this will open doors for decentralized AI models running on blockchain-powered systems for data storage and processing, which will not only hasten the process and secure data for its users, but will ultimately slash the costs for upkeep, maintenance, and data storage by a large margin!

Transparent and Fair AI Systems:

Blockchain’s immutability and transparency could open doors for less biased AIs and fluid-yet concrete information storage and management for Artificial Technology. For example, no thanks to trolls and misinformation widespread across social media, AIs are tricked into providing unsafe information to the public, but thanks to blockchain, data thought to be high-priority could be made immutable and accepted by AI systems as baseline for its future responses and results! 

Enhanced Data Security:

One of the shining benefits of combining blockchain technology with AI is the proposed improvement in data security and management that it could bring. As it stands today, Data is unsafe, unkempt, and is practically indistinguishable from misleading information and prompts. However, should blockchain be implemented into the mixture, it could improve the quality of protection and management of data within the internet, leading to safer infrastructures that are secured, immutable, and most of all transparent! 

These changes are slated to improve the Internet’s response to fraud, data breaches, hackings, and bad actors altogether, creating a virtual bubble that shields the Internet and everyone around it from these nasty things!

Wrap Up

The coalescence of blockchain technology and Artificial Intelligence, while providing massive profits for developers and enthusiasts alike, presents a myriad of opportunities and newfound possibilities for the future.

The introduction of blockchain into AI systems is slated to make the whole system better, faster, more efficient, and most of all less expensive. It also gives way for bigger technological advances within the field to flourish and shine, which is something that spells great for visionaries and ambitious individuals within the space.

Altogether, while caveats exist, the whole blockchain integration into AI systems concept will bring massive benefits and may one day even change the way we interact with the Internet, let alone the world! 

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