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Crypto AM DeFi and Digital Inclusion Online Summit this Week!

Are you still confused about blockchain technology, decentralized apps, the crypto ecosystem, and everything about it? Well, you won’t be after the Crypto AM DeFI and Digital Inclusion Online Summit taking place on Thursday, May 20th. 

The summit has an impressive line-up with some experts from the crypto community that will share their thoughts about the advancement of decentralized finance and its future use cases. The line-up includes, 

  • The Rt Hon the Lord Mayor City of London, Alderman William Russell
  • Cointelligence Fund Managing Partner On Yavin
  • Crypto AM Founder & Editor at Large, James Bowater 
  • Matt Hawkins, Founder & CEO of CUDOS
  • Dr. Ben Livshits, Chief Scientist at Brave
  • Stani Kulechov, Founder of Aave
  • Among many others.

The summit will take place on May 20th at 2 pm BST (1 pm UST) and will go on for about six and half hours. The slots have been divided efficiently with 10-20 mins for every speaker in which they will share their thoughts about the future and capabilities of digital assets. 

Anyone can register for this summit and watch it online from anywhere as it is an online summit. You can find more details about the summit and how to register for it here

The Crypto AM DeFi and Digital Inclusion Online Summit are powered by a popular crypto fund, Cointelligence Fund. These two organizations, Cointelligence Fund and Crypto AM, are popular for their expertise in crypto as well as fiat currencies. While City AM monitors the financial updates for London-based organizations, Cointelligence is a large fund that focuses on crypto and digital assets. 

This summit is a great chance for any newbies looking to get familiarized with the crypto ecosystem and understand the latest trends in the industry. Expert crypto traders and platforms can brush up on the latest news and prepare themselves for new possibilities in the future. 

We highly suggest you become a part of this summit and experience an entertaining and educational summit with a group of crypto experts. You will not find such an amazing talent pool in the crypto ecosystem anywhere else. 

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