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Crypto Asia Summit: An attempt to keep the learning curve steady

As we are all aware, Coronavirus has rendered countries helpless to carry on with their usual trade and meet-ups. In a bid to socially distance and to avoid person-to-person meetup, ChainTalk which is a media platform has decided to take this in the most positive manner and has resorted to conducting the free online event. It believes learning is more important and when done online, it will also bring in a lot of resource sharing as the best in the industry will provide inputs.

The Globe’s largest and the most Crypto virtual summit of 2020 is scheduled to take place between May 18th and May 23’rd. This summit will be conducted virtually and will bring under its roof investors and main decision-makers who will give their valuable insights on the market trends, about the different opportunities and also the changes that the crypto markets will see. The online event will help crypto enthusiasts with coming out with strategies that will help them take onward decisions. The tools so discussed will go a long way in educating the most novice traders about the various, modern-age tools they can use. 

So, if you are an avid investor already, a developer or just a learner who wants to learn the trade, the Crypto Asia Summit is not to be missed. The event also aims to explore in detail the Asian markets and how they can be a hotspot for future crypto transactions.

The event is totally free and will only focus on learning but also will avoid the pitfalls of these events including higher costs, risk of coming together and also avoid any such situations where people only come to such summits to directly promote their offerings. The summit will also present both live as well as pre-recorded presentations. The main aim of the event is to ensure people will get a quality insight into blockchain projects and how technology can be used to the hilt to promote this. 

Some of the main sponsors of the event are 

  • Ledger: State-of-the-art Hardware Wallet    
  • Invictus: Alternative Investment Platform   
  • Orchid: Open source VPN and privacy software


Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay
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