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Crypto Horse – The Digital Horses

“A pony is a childhood dream. A horse is an adulthood treasure.”

-Rebecca Carroll

Horses have been important in several aspects for centuries. From being the ultimate symbol of royalty, with kings watching over their cities riding the beautiful animals, to helping the disabled in improving their lives through better coordination and increased self-confidence. Worldwide, horses have played a very important role in human culture, whether it be a child wanting to go on a horse ride by the beach to adults who want to enjoy a sunny Sunday in a horse race. It is no surprise then that that the horse celebrates a special status as the noble animal

But have you ever wondered what it would feel like to own a horse? Attractive as it may be to possess a thoroughbred, a horse needs a lot of space, constant attention and a close eye on it’s stable. It’s not very practical in today’s time with a busy schedule whether it be running a business, working to make ends meet or studying to become better in a particular field. Crypto Horses makes your dream of owning a horse a reality.


What are Crypto Horses?

Crypto Horses are collectable digital horses created on Blockchain. The best part about these horses is the uniqueness in appearance and colour. But that’s not all – the genetic composition of each horse is different, making them as realistic as possible. There are 9 different colours with 35 different attributes.

This means you can buy a horse of your liking and budget, and trade them whenever you please, in the comfort of your home.

In addition to buying a horse that you find extremely beautiful, you can even buy interesting horseshoes and saddles to suit it from the marketplace.

Don’t forget to check out the attributes of a jockey before splurging some Ethereum on him as it’s as much of a platform to trade Jockey’s as it is horses on Crypto Horses.


How to begin

Owning a Crypto Horse can begin right now, and is simple compared to the documentation and formalities involved in owning a real horse. Hop on to MetaMask and download the extension for your internet browser. It’s pretty self-explanatory as it allows to run Ethereum dApps right on your browser instead of running a full Ethereum node. Once you have MetaMask running in the the browser’s background, register on Crypto Horses.

Why now is the right time to Buy a Crypto Horse

Horses, as you know, grow in value, and given that Crypto Horses Gen-o which are the original horses are limited to 20,000, you should get in on the action NOW! The rarity of the attributes and the quality level on the horse is what determines the price.

The various attributes are as follows -Generation, Appearance, Colour, Name, Special features, Speed, Fertility.

There are 11 quality levels for a horse as determined by the star.

Now what makes it, even more, interesting, is the limitation of breeding the horses, which is limited to 4. That means that after the 4th mating session, the horse cannot be mated. Thus the number of horses that can be produced is limited, leading to values of horses rising in the long term.

The Crypto horse platform is realistic, with horseshoe saddle shops being able to be bought. If you have business acumen, you can buy a digital shop and enjoy a sales commision.

Overall the whole game becomes competitive in the horse races. So choose a horse wisely according to its attributes so that it has a fair chance of winning. The racecourse will be completed soon so you can gallop your horse to glory!

Crypto Horses is ideal for people trying to learn all about horse trading, and even for people who dream of owning their own stallion!


As they say-

Some horses will test you, some will teach you, and some will bring out the best in you!


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