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Crypto Weekly: News, memes, and what went viral on Crypto-Twitter

This week in crypto was eventful, to say the least. New projects announced their launches, and Twitter was full of jokes and memes. If you missed any of the action, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. Here’s a roundup of the most important news, projects, and memes from this past week in crypto.

As usual, there was no shortage of news items this week. Some of the highlights are as under:

Meta has announced that Facebook will also now support NFTs. Meta has delivered its promise to add NFT (non-fungible token) functionality to Facebook. Users may now share digital treasures from their digital wallets on Facebook and Instagram. They can access NFTs from both apps after connecting their digital wallets to one of them. According to the social media giant, it is estimated that 2.9 billion users will be able to connect their digital wallets and share their NFTs on Facebook and Instagram.

Indonesia’s government plans to establish a crypto stock exchange by 2022. The Indonesian government purportedly intends to open a “crypto stock” market, also known as a bourse, by the end of 2022. According to Deputy Trade Minister Jerry Sambuaga, the exchange would serve as the country’s way of protecting consumers despite the growing popularity of cryptocurrency. The exchange will feature enterprises in the digital asset market, including some of the 25 exchanges licensed by the Indonesian financial authority Bappebti.

Ticketmaster collaborates with blockchain startup Dapper Labs to create NFTs for live events. The new collaboration will allow event organizers to distribute non-fungible tokens (NFT) before, during, and after live events. The ticketing behemoth has launched a digital wallet and marketplace on its website. The NFTs, according to a press release, will be a sharing type of digital memorabilia. Transfers $7 Million Erroneously to Woman Owed $70 Refund. According to 7News, two Melbourne women, Manivel Thevamanogari and her sister Gangadory Thevamanogari, got an AUD$10.5 million deposit from Singaporean cryptocurrency exchange after the latter made an error in giving an AUD$100 refund. An employee reportedly inserted an account number in the payment box instead of the return amount, resulting in an incorrect transfer to their bank account.

Viral tweets

As always, Twitter was alive with cryptocurrency talk this week. Here are some highlights:

“Detective” ZachXBT (@zachxbt), who identifies himself as an “on-chain sleuth and rug pull survivor,” uncovered yet another batch of scammers in the NFT and crypto space.

According to Crypto Leaks, Avalanche blockchain creator Ave Labs transferred AVAX tokens and equities to legal firm Roche Freedman. The firm allegedly filed claims against crypto exchanges such as Binance, saying that they misled clients into believing the UST cryptocurrency was secure, only for it to crash in May. However, Ava Labs founder Emin Gün Sirer rushed to dispel the allegations as FUD

On a lighter note, Elon couldn’t help but conclude that his decision to back out of the Twitter deal he proposed wasn’t that terrible after all.

Meme of the week

With the Ethereum Merge around the corner, CryptoTwitter remains divided about the outcome. One of the critics posted a hilarious meme describing the fate of ETH hodlers after the Merge.

That’s it for this week’s Crypto roundup. Stay tuned for more news, memes, and what went viral on Crypto-Twitter next week.

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