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Cryptocurrency In India Webinar – Featuring Mr Subhash Chandra Garg on 17th July

The RBI ban on cryptocurrencies induced several crypto players to raise their voice against the move. Khaitan & Co, one of the oldest law firms in India was one of the front-runners that advocated its opinions against the RBI ban. This time, the law firm endeavors to push reforms in the cryptocurrency precinct in India. It has joined forces with Block On and CREBACO Global to host a webinar to throw light on the future course of crypto in India. 

The webinar will be a meeting point between crypto developers,  to discuss the current and future regulatory scenarios. Apart from the head honchos of the organizing firms, the event will be graced by Mr.Subhash Chandra Garg who was the former finance and economic affairs secretary as well as the Head of Inter-ministerial committee on virtual currencies. Mr. Nischal Shetty, founder of WazirX also will be an important part of the discussion. The line-up of discussions include the following:

  • Current state-of-affairs of the Indian crypto industry
  • The need and applications of Cryptocurrencies
  • The regulatory norms that should guide its route
  • Government perspectives and future course of action for cryptos in India.

Participants of the event can also avail free access to Whi-Library – Crypto, and Blockchain White Paper library by CREBACO Global.

More about the event

Rashmi Deshpande from Khaitan & Co and Jagdish Pandya from  Block On would moderate the event and present thanksgiving speeches respectively. The event will be followed by another networking event orchestrated by WazirX in association with Inblox.

The webinar event date is 17th July 2020 – Friday. It will begin at 3.00 PM(IST) and 9.30hrs (UTC). For Singaporeans, the event starts at 17:30 hrs.

To complete formalities

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About CREBACO Global

CREBACO Global has pioneered the usage of deep-set research and analytics with the help of Blockchain technologies. It is a worldwide accepted credit rating agency for Blockchains, exchanges and Coin offerings.

About Block On

Block On is a successful Venture Capital firm that has accelerated the growth of global blockchain startups. Its team comprises leaders, technologists and investors spread globally who support the initiatives of the Blockchain community. It has already conducted pioneering blockchain events in the ASEAN region.

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