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DataDash Founder Announces Going Big On Three Cryptos In October

Nicholas Merten, the founder of DataDash, has said that he is working out to create a more prominent position in the three new crypto assets in October. Merten is a highly proclaimed crypto analyst and shared his plans of focusing on three crypto-assets, namely UNI, OMG, and AMPL.

Merten Declares Getting Higher Stakes in UNI

The first one on his mind is UNI, which is Uniswap’s latest protocol governance token, which achieved high stakes within a few days of its launch in Sep this year. UNI reached a  high of 8.40 USD early 2020. He disclosed already owning some of UNI tokens and looking forward to procuring more. He further added that the UNI token has made a significant pullback. Uniswap, according to Merten, is a practical, valuable, and scalable DeFi protocol. He indeed exclaimed UNIswap as the largest Defi protocol.

Interested in OmiseGo

The DataDash founder’s next favorite is OMG or OmiseGo, a two-layer scaling platform for the ETH tokens. He stressed that OMG is a very stable and efficient platform to take care of Ethereum transactions’ inflating costs.

He explained the utility of OmiseGo by sharing that Tether is going in partnership with OmiseGo. Now Tether is also allowing transfer of Tether tokens to OmiseGo, which reduces the fees on the Ethereum mainnet by taking away the on-chain demand. The Two-layer platform also facilitates people to have lower prices. 

Ampleforth Also On Merten’s Mind

Ampleforth, AML is the third crypto Nicholas Merten has been vouching for, as it is a novel concept in crypto targeting to maintain a balance in price and supply. As per a Whitepaper published online, the AMPL supply is rebased every 24 hours based on its cost, which means that when its supply increases, the users get more tokens and vice versa. Merten revealed owning a decent-sized stake in AMPL and looking forward to the currency’s positive run in the coming months.

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