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Decentralized Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is seen to conquer various fields such as medical sciences, engineering and the business field. It has helped take these important fields needed in the world to another level. Hence it is no surprise that many organizations in various sectors have adopted AI with open arms.

The impossible is now made possible, in terms of resourcefulness, extracting important information and changing the way data is utilized.

Decentralization of Artificial Intelligence in layman’s way can be described as the distribution of AI. This ensures that theres no single company running artificial intelligence, and thus monopolization does not take place.


Pricing Controlled-


Along with specialty Artificial Intelligence companies, big names like Google and IBM have also started taking AI solutions to a whole other level. Thus when there are a number of companies partaking in AI pricing cannot be controlled and will be more competitive. However there are reports of a consortium of companies, which may lead to a major commotion in AI companies taking advantage.


AI enabled Mobile Devices –

 Another reason for decentralization is the increase in the use of mobile devices. With AI being centralized it won’t place well for clients as it becomes relatively slower. Hence decentralized AI will make the system not only fast but reliable in terms of availability.


Equal Rights-

Possession rights and contract commitments are more secure with the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) . Thus if you are an investor on one of the DAOs, you can give your choice in the interest of yourself. Thus the AI will decide the Return on Investment equally according to the market.


Current Projects-


When looking at projects already in the decentralized AI space, SingularityNET is the most well known. It is a collection of smart contracts for coordinated decentralized AI services. This allows a portfolio of AI agents which can be used in exchange for cryptocurrencies.


Another well known project is OpenMined which is a decentralized AI community. There are various implementations which make it decentralized in nature. For example Sonar is a learning server running on Blockchain that handles all campaign requests and holds Bounty in trust.


In the long term, decentralized solutions will help the AI market wholly. This will be for the wide variety of use cases, easy integration and communication between different algorithms through a single protocol.





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