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Discord Founder Jason Citron Hints at Linking Ethereum to Discord –Community Reacts

Discord CEO and founder Jason Citron recently hinted in a recent tweet on Tuesday that the social network site is considering linking to Ethereum. Citron shared a screenshot which supposedly is from Discord settings that now allows users to link to Ethereum.

He captioned the tweet,  “probably nothing.” The image also displays the option to connect using MetaMask, an Ethereum wallet, or WalletConnect, a chain-agnostic wallet connector. This screenshot is probably from a private development environment that is yet to be made public as it was available on Discord’s browser-based client earlier on Tuesday.

When CoinDesk tested early on Tuesday, the settings were not available on Discord’s browser-based client. The screenshot may depict a private development environment that hasn’t yet been made public. In response to a user who asked how to connect to his wallet, Citron noted that this was a pre-release picture.

Reaction from Community Members

Citron’s post was met with mixed reactions from community members who took to the comment of the post to express their thoughts on this new feature alongside initial reports that the platform was considering NFTs. One user wrote, “ Need a lot more updates and security before you do this. If you care at all that is.” 

Citron was quick to calm the nerves of the user, assuring him of Discord’s priority for security and safety. Citron wrote, “Spam and security are a top priority for us in this space. We have recently spun up a team working on it specifically. More to come soon.”

Other users expressed concerns over Discord’s supposed affiliation with NFTs, with some questioning the move and labelling it as bad PR.  Olivia Wertheimer, one of the users to comment on the post, wrote, “ Implementing NFTs in discord would result in bad PR, and a drop in Nitro subscriptions as a large number of people cancel. NFTs cause environmental damage and are mainly used for tax evasion&money laundering. The entire thing is a Ponzi scheme. Do not connect discord to this.”

A recent survey shared( survey is now closed and no longer accepting responses) by a Twitter user raised concerns among Discord’s developers. Aside from a general aversion to allowing NFTs to thrive on the platform, several people said that the results of the user poll were misleading. It was feared that Discord was more interested in gauging overall user interest or awareness of NFTs than in explicitly asking NFT traders how it could better serve them.

Despite the screenshots and the outrage, no one has confirmed the survey’s existence. Nobody had even mentioned it, let alone linked to it.  A Discord spokesperson reacted to the outrage and said, “We’re always exploring and hacking away at things we think will improve Discord for all the communities we serve. This includes research that helps us learn about what people want.” 

It remains to be seen what move the platform will make in the coming days. Users would simply have to wait and see.

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