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Dolphin ($DLP) by CoinDolph

One of the main attractions of cryptocurrencies is passive income. Crypto investors can earn enormous interest and profits much more than traditional banking systems by simply holding crypto tokens. Also, holding cryptocurrencies reduces the volatility of the market, which in turn generates better yields. 

Dolphin by CoinDolph is one such platform that takes a multi-pronged approach to generate passive income for the investors. Dolphin or $DLP is a governance token that gives its holders the ability to participate in the ecosystem’s governance with several other advantages. 


CoinDolph takes a futuristic multi-tool approach in educating the masses about cryptocurrencies. It offers detailed and real-time information about the latest in the crypto ecosystem. 

However, it is much more than a news platform as it offers a detailed analysis of decentralized trading, limit orders, and mining. The company aims to become the go-to platform for users looking for information about crypto, investment solutions, or a platform to trade, play and earn. 

 It has a variety of tools in its arsenal, such as:

  • DolphObserver: Cryptocurrency current prices, market overview, and analysis
  • DolphSwap: Decentralized exchange
  • Limit Orders: Stop-loss functions
  • New Coins Research & News
  • CoinDolph Mobile
  • $DLP Mining Station
  • Mobile Portfolio
  • Mobile Games

CoinDolph uses an advanced deflationary mechanism that implies a 15% fee where it will use 3% to buy back tokens, 2% BNB to generate liquidity, 2% for marketing, and 8% as rewards for holders. The buy-back tokens will be burnt and the $DLP token holders will receive passive income in BNB by simply holding.

Dolphin Governance Token

Dolphin token was created with a simple goal to create an optimized way of generating passive income. It addresses the volatility of the market and tackles it with its underlying solid protocols. The governance token is responsible for the passive income offered by CoinDolph. 

Dolphin has been trending in the market recently with several recent updates. The highlights are:

  • Dolphin recently introduced smart contracts on BSC with 15% total tax. 
  • Launch of mobile app beta version using premium API from BSCScan.
  • Dolphin recently underwent an Audit by Fight Against Rugs and was declared to be 100% safe. 

Dolphin is a promising governance token currently available on TrustWallet and Metamask.

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