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Dune Analytics Raise Whopping 2 Million USD From Leading Crypto Firms and DeFi Angels 

Dune Analytics, an Ethereum Data Analysis Firm based in Norway, attracted investment from leading crypto firms and DeFi angels raising 2 Million USD in the seed funding round. The funding round was supervised by DragonFly Capital and venture capitalists like Hashed, Alameda Research, Coinbase Ventures, Hashed, and Multicoin.

Leading Crypto Firms and DeFI Angels Invest In Dune Analytics

Calvin Liu from Compound, Jake Brukhman from Coinfund, Stani Kulechov from Aave were of the top notch DeFi angel investors participating in the funding round. 

The company tweeted that the Andre Cronje from the Yearn. Finance was also present as an angel donator. Dune analytics also shared a tweet by him in which he showered praises for the company as Life Saver.

As per the details shared in the announcement, the company would utilize the funds to enhance its flagship product and add new features that would help the non-technical users work on the services with ease. The company is focusing on optimizing the product experience for a broader audience. 

The Opensource community-driven platform provides a highly efficient interface that its users and investors are highly optimistic about.

Users and Investors Praise Dune Analytics

One of Dune’s platform users and investors shared a detailed blog post in which he lauded the platform and even compared it to GitHub for data analysis.

The blogpost talked about the efficiency of Dune Analytics and how it provides enhanced services to the customers.

Founders Looking Forward To Upscale Teams

Dune Analytics team is optimistic about its future endeavors, taking the plunge to double itself in numbers. The company is currently hiring for its various positions like frontend and backend software developers embarking in the next phase of development. Mats Julian Olsen and Fredrik Haga relied on seed funding to upscale the company and achieve higher avenues as the company looks steps in its next phase. 

Founder Fredrik Haga said in a press release that though the Dune is a profitable and self-sustainable company, they wanted to get more capital to efficiently cater to the growing demand of the market and build larger teams to develop a more powerful tool for the crypto community.




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