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Earn While Moving with Amazy Realverse

The advancement of blockchain technology has helped the industry grow and innovate new exciting use cases. One of these use cases is presented by Amazy Realverse, a lifestyle app that allows users to stay in shape while earning at the same time. 

Amazy is a challenging fitness app that has GameFi features. By wearing the trending NFT sneakers offered by the project, users can earn AMT tokens by walking and wearing these shoes. The more the user moves, the more tokens they can earn. 

The NFT sneakers can help the users to upgrade their sneakers by earning enough tokens, renting to friends, creating new and cooler designs, adding customizable graphics to boost attributes, or even taking part in marathons and races. 

Amazy’s Growing Ecosystem!

The project mechanics of Amazy allows the users to earn while walking or jogging. The user can rent, purchase or sell sneakers at the in-app marketplace. To materialize this concept, Amazy Realverse was born that combines fitness tracking apps for multiple scenarios. 

Amazy aims to inspire people to change their lifestyles and become more active by incentivizing using exciting rewards and fun activities. The platform has already partnered with various celebrities and actors such as Ken Griffey, Hall of Fame Baseball player Dallas Austin, Lava Koka, Ryan Taylor, etc. The project has also partnered with leading influencers from Instagram, YouTube, Crypto, and Tiktok to create a social and global ecosystem. 

Moreover, Amazy recently launched successfully and created waves in the industry. The token was listed on five exchanges simultaneously, and the sales volume exceeded $50,000,000. Post the launch, the $AZY token scored third place in the popular section of the OkX exchange, following Bitcoin and Ethereum, and first position in the trending section. 

In just 24 hours, the token price of $Zy grew 34x times higher than the original listing price, with over $50 million daily volume. The project is currently preparing for the app launch, which will potentially be even a larger event for the project. 

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