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Elfin Games IDOs: All You Need to Know

Attention, fellow Web3.0 Gaming Connoisseurs! We’ve got some exhilarating news for you!

Elfin Games, one of the most anticipated Web3.0 Gaming Specialists of this day and age that’s been making waves is all set for the launch of its native token $ELFIN. The Initial Dex Offering (IDO) will be held on Kommunitas, NFTb, and GemPad starting August 1st. 

Notably, the private sale has already begun on Kommunitas starting July 31st.

Elfin Games: What is it?

This whimsical gaming platform is not just your run-of-the-mill gaming destination. If you want to Play, Earn, Own, and Compete, Elfin Games is going to be your best friend! It does this by intertwining NFTs with Web3.0 Gaming in the most enchanting way possible, thanks to vibrant visuals, an in-depth lore, and a dedicated team of developers that work day-in and day-out to provide the best Web3.0 gaming experience to the pioneers of this industry!

If you wish to do more with your NFT game than the proprietary Play-and-Earn mechanic we grew so tired of already, hook yourself up with Elfin Games’ classic titles and do more while you enjoy every minute of your adventure with them! 

The $ELFIN token

The Elfin Kingdom’s decentralized gaming ecosystem is powered by $ELFIN, its native token. It is a BEP-20 token where game developers can leverage Web3 technology and utilize $ELFIN and NFTs within their game universes. As the main currency for marketplace transactions across all connected metaverses, $ELFIN serves as the central currency linking the various games within the Elfin Kingdom.

$ELFIN token utilities

Gamers and the Elfin Kingdom community can benefit from a wide range of use cases offered by the $ELFIN token. These include:

  1. Participating in Initial Game Offerings (IFOs) to gain early access to new games
  2. Generating NFT assets through the Factory to customize gameplay and collect unique items
  3. Taking part in governance by contributing to decision-making processes
  4. Earning yields through staking $ELFIN tokens
  5. Joining leagues to compete with others and win rewards
  6. Trading NFTs and gaming assets using $ELFIN on the virtual marketplace.

Elfin Games and IDOs: What You Need To Know

ELFIN IDO  will be launched in three different Launchpads, starting July 31(private round) to August 2! 

The sale price of ELFIN tokens has been fixed at $0.08. But with its utilities, the token is sure to get popular. Hence, the IDO looks like an opportune time to get your pool of ELFIN tokens before their prices shoot up.

The Launchpads for IDOs are carefully curated and chosen for their features, overall benefits to the user and Elfin Games, and the reach that they could provide Elfin Games come presale!

Without further ado, let’s dive into the thick of these three amazing launchpads!

  • Kommunitas and Elfin Games

    Kommunitas is your quintessential IDO Launchpad for all your launching needs. With an aim to create an ecosystem where investors enjoy massive benefits apart from profit, and a haven for projects where they can get funding, exposure, and a tight-knit community of well-meaning folks, Kommunitas proves to be one of the most sought-after IDO launchpads in the industry currently!

With a unique approach at launching projects in its platform in what they call as Initial KOMmunity Offerings (IKOs), the security of a project’s success is guaranteed as IKO ensures that they get the community they deserve, while ensuring that investors’ funds are safe until due time!

  • NFTb and Elfin Games

    NFTb is your go-to Launchpad for everything NFTs and NFT Gaming which proves to be a perfect match for Elfin Games and the gamified ecosystem that it is trying to build! 

With successful projects under its belt, a community of dedicated NFT enthusiasts, and more features that would prove to be helpful as Elfin Games rises to the tippity-top, NFTb is chosen as one of the three prime launchpads where it will commence its presale!

  • GemPad and Elfin Games

    GemPad is not just your run-of-the-mill Launchpad. With features that suit DeFi and earning mechanisms for its users and supporters, as well as security measures to prevent undesirable eventualities from happening like Botting, where NFTs are scraped by bots, and hackings, GemPad positions itself as a great choice for Elfin Games to launch its presale with! 

With these three helping Elfin Games reach its presale target and get the proper funding and community that it needs to rise and launch its prestigious projects, rooms for failure are diminished!

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How to Join Elfin Games’ Presale?

At this point, the only question that’s probably on your mind is: “How do I join these Presales?” Well, we’re here to walk you through on all the things that you need answered regarding Elfin Games’ Presale!

Kommunitas Presale:

Kommunitas’ will launch Elfin Games’ presale on their launchpad ahead of the others, with three rounds that would span two days and a community sale available indefinitely after the first three Booster Round!! Here’s the details of its full sale schedule, so mark your calendars!

Booster 1: Mon, 31 Jul 9:00 UTC – 17:00 UTC 

Booster 2: Mon, 31 Jul 17:00 UTC – Tue, 01 Aug 1:00 UTC 

FCFS Round: Tue, 01 Aug 1:00 UTC – 9:00 UTC    

Community Round: Tue, 01 Aug 9:00 UTC

It must be noted that if investors want to buy Elfin Games’ Token ahead of the others through the booster rounds, they would need to stake proprietary amounts of $KOM before being allowed to do so, they could also join Kommunitas’ whitelist giveaway to be given special spots!

NFTb Presale:

As for NFTb’s Presale of Elfin Games’ IDO, Investors would need to mark the 1st of August, 12:00 PM UTC, so don’t miss it! Aside from this, to show full support and love for our favorite Web3.0 Gaming Platform, NFTb will launch a $500 and 100 Whitelist spots giveaway to mark the project’s launch on their platform! So keep your eyes peeled and don’t miss it!

GemPad Presale:

Not much is known about GemPad’s Presale as of this moment, but it is set to launch on August 2, 2023,  5 pm UTC! So stay tuned on Elfin Games and GemPad’s Twitter handles to get the latest updates on how and when to buy Elfin Games’ tokens for its IDO! 

Key Takeaways

As each presale date closes in, keep in mind that not only are you supporting your favorite Web3.0 Gaming Indie Company, you’re also staking your claim at the future of Gaming in Elfin Games! So don’t miss these dates if you want to get ahead of the curve and invest before Elfin Games becomes big! 

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