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Elon Musk Announces New Plans Towards Transforming Twitter To X With Its New CEO, Linda Yaccarino

In a Tweet on Friday, May 12, Elon Musk welcomed the new CEO of Twitter, Linda Yaccarino.

This was a follow-up retweet of Musk’s previous tweet on the same day announcing that he will become an executive chairman and CTO while focusing on product design and introducing new technology. 

With Linda Yaccarino taking hold of her role within the next 6 weeks, she will primarily focus on business operations. 

According to the announcement, Musk brought Linda on board to work faster and better on transforming Twitter into X, the Everything app. 

Since Linda’s interview for the position was available online, many Twitter followers and believers in Musk’s X project had opposite perspectives from Elon Musk on the future of this platform.

Commenting on this tweet, a Twitter subscriber named Billboard Chris says that Linda’s involvement in the platform will only bring short-term advertising benefits. 

Referring to the interview, he says that “During her interview with you, she was most excited about your initiative to limit the reach of tweets that are deemed hateful. “Freedom of speech, not freedom of reach.” Chris says, “That was her main selling point to the advertising exes in the audience, as she kept returning to it.”

Elon Musk replied to this tweet, signifying that it is too early to predict anything while defending free speech, even if it leads to losing money. 

Similar to Chris, many of the paid subscribers of Twitter shared their conflicting views with Musk’s plans and how they might fail in the long run. 

Some followers, however, came on board with a positive mindset and a stronger trust in Elon Musk’s attempt to successfully create Twitter X with the new updates he will work on.

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Linda Yaccarino and Elon Musk’s Short-Term Goals for Twitter:

Since Musk took over Twitter, there have been a lot of changes. For one thing, Twitter is no longer a different thing. Instead, it has been combined with a technology company called X Corp.

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Musk said when he bought Twitter, the platform could speed up X by “3 to 5 years.” He wrote, “Twitter makes it easier to reach the original goal of”

With this method, Musk thinks there’s a chance to make an app that can do things that would normally need multiple apps.

He also wants to make Twitter a place where users can access everything with a single user interface and account.

Working on this plan with Musk will help Yaccarino repair Twitter’s relationships with many of its top advertisers, who reportedly stopped spending money on the site after Musk took it over.

But some marketers are worried that Musk’s less strict approach to content moderation has let their ads appear next to hate speech and false information.

Previously, Yaccarino has gotten a lot of praise for changing how NBCUniversal promotes and works together.

Musk’s time as CEO of Twitter has been nothing but exciting. He fired the previous leadership team, let go of thousands of workers, removed inactive accounts, made blue checkmarks a paid feature, and changed the algorithm that decides what people see on Twitter.

It is now a test of time for the followers and Twitter users to see if the ship sails or sinks for their favorite social platform. 

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