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English Premier League to file NFT and Crypto Trademarks

EPL or the English Premier Leagues recently filed two NFT and cryptocurrency trademarks in the US. This decision depicts the league’s decision to prepare for the upcoming expansion of the world’s most-watched sports league into the digital space. 

The trademarks were filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USTPO) last week, and this decision was highlighted in a tweet by trademark attorney Michael Knodoudis on June 6. 

Mike Kondoudis said in the tweet, 

“The Premier League has filed 2 US trademark applications for

 ▶️ NFTs, cryptocurrencies, digital tokens + collectables

 ▶️ Digital asset trading 

 ▶️ Financial and crypto services

 ▶️ Virtual clothing, footwear, and sports gear.”

What to Expect?

The Premier League is the top tier of professional English football that comprises 20 teams. The two filings pertain to the US use of trademarks associated with the league. One of the trademarks is centred on the league’s name and logo of a “lion wearing a crown in three-quarter view”, and the second regarding the “loving cup trophy” adorned with lions on each handle and a crown on top. 

The trademarks filings are expansive and will cover the creation and sale of digital assets, cryptocurrencies, virtual clothing and media files as NFTs. The filings also include the use of Premier League trademarks in “virtual, augmented and mixed reality software.” 

NFTs have been surging in the entertainment and sports industry as well. Last month, Arsenal partnered with Unagi to develop Free to Play games where player cards are purchasable as NFTs. These cards can be stored or sold in the open market for in-game currency or traded for other cards. 

These trademarks by the English Premier League will be a game-changer for the NFT industry. 

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