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eosfinex beta mainnet lauched Empowering EOS ecosystem with Bitfinex Liquidity

eosfinex announced the launch of the beta version of its mainnet, which now facilitates the Bitfinex liquidity to its community. It has been quite some time since the launch was announced and then delayed until July 2020, but the good news is that it is finally here. The digital asset exchange built on the EOSIO technology’s mainnet would help the EOS users attain better liquidity during token trading, which adds to the growth of the EOS community.

Liquidity Issues Sorted

The non-custodial digital asset exchange would help EOS businesses trade large volumes of EOS and EOS based tokens with ease. Additionally, they can now trade in various popular currencies like Tether.

The pTokens, EOSDT, IQ would be some of the tokens listed on the mainnet at the launch for immediate trading.

The eosfinex on mainnet would enable the EOS community to benefit from the efficiency of Bitfinex’s software and liquidity model, helping them with the various EOS projects. The traders and community can expect eosfinex to deliver more lucrative projects in the future. Right now, it includes listing for some of the additional crypto assets like XAUT( Tether gold).

eosfinex to Take Charge

eosfinex would use the off-chain order matching for the transactions while the settlement control would be on-chain. This would substantially increase the performance of the transactions, including trade speeds. The company would ensure the trading’s security and efficiency along with bearing the network infrastructure cost for global traders. eosfinex would control the non-custodial features over the chain to ensure that the trading is safe, stable, and cost-effective. 

More Opportunities for EOS Community

The company said that the launch brings centralized and Decentralized financial ecosystems together, encouraging the crypto enthusiasts to adopt more and more DeFi projects that work on the EOS blockchain.

Alex Melikhow, the CEO of Equilibrium, expressed that the launch of mainnet would help accelerate the adoption of EOSDT

“We look forward to and anticipate that by listing on eosfinex, EOSDT adoption will significantly increase as a result of access to professional market participants.”

The EOS community can find more opportunities to earn profits across the EOSDT network with increased liquidity as more features and listings for additional digital assets are introduced.

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