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EthereumCum, a Disruptive DeFi platform for Adult Entertainment Industry

An interesting new project has emerged for the crypto ecosystem. EthereumCum combines the best of blockchain and adult entertainment to create a simple yet unique project that will help establish a strong network between both worlds. 

While the crypto industry has integrated itself into most industries such as sports, film, music, digital photography, etc., the adult entertainment industry remains untouched to an extent. However, not anymore, as EthereumCum is making waves in the crypto ecosystem and has already acquired a fan following. 

eCum, an ERC-20 token by EthereumCum

EthereumCum is powered by its unique ERC-20 token that has a total supply of 200 Billion. The token acts as a pathway for long-term uses in the adult entertainment industry and offers several exclusive access to the holders. 

eCum is also used to add liquidity to the liquidity pools in the EthereumCum ecosystem. The company levies a 2% fee for swapping tokens split by the liquidity providers directly proportional to their contribution. The fees are collected by burning liquidity tokens to remove a proportionate share of the underlying reserves. 

By adding the transaction fee back to the liquidity pool, the pool smartly raises the value of the tokens and provides better profits for the liquidity providers. 

What does EthereumCum offer?

EthereumCum offers the best of both worlds by creating a blockchain-powered ecosystem with special privileges to the token holders. It is a self-sufficient platform that provides community perks, smart contracts, holder rewards, investments, and other opportunities. Apart from this, the token holders get exclusive VIP experience and privileges in the entertainment brands, events, releases, etc. 

The company plans to launch an NFT marketplace, eCumNFT, where an NFT refers to Naughty Fuckable Token. Also, eCum TV, a subscription-based platform, is in the works. It is an exclusive fan base platform for models and adult film creators. 

EthereumCum is an excellent example of different use cases of blockchain technology. It is safe to say that this project will definitely attract users and promote crypto adoption, which is the core ideal of every blockchain project. 

For more information about the project, visit their  Twitter and Telegram Channel.

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