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Everything you have to know about Crypto Twerpz

Crypto Twerpz is considered to be both deranged and twisted digital trading cards or in simple terms Non-fungible assets that are based on the parodies of the famous crypto and non-crypto celebrities who use the Simple Assets protocol on the WAX blockchain. 

Although these digital collectibles are not physically yet they enable an intellectually instinctive experience compared to the physical collectibles. Crypto Twerpz is an entirely new experience that includes global accessibility, non-custodial ownership, solidity against any kind of tampering and manipulation, frictionless translatability, and a lot more. 

Twerpz gallery

A Twerpz promo card can be easily identifiable by looking for the Z designation to the right of each card’s name. Crypto Twerpz promos majority are still being minted on the WAX blockchain with only a small amount of it being minted on Ethereum. Let us take a look at several early Crypto Twerpz’ promos: 

Promo Card #1z – Elevated Elon – This will be a part of its first promo reveal and will feature an email signup giveaway. It features Elon’s good buddy Doge. There is no information about the total supply and distribution but the company is hoping that it will steer its subscriber list. 

Source: CryptoTwerpz

Promo Card #2 – Spocktalik Buterin: This is the first-ever minted Crypto Twerpz card which features Vitalik Buterin as Spock from Star Trek. It is one of the landscape-oriented cards with a total supply of 130. The first telegram chat joins can get these. 

Promo Card #3z – Da Hung Father – This has the image of  Da Hong Fei, founder of the NEO blockchain. Here the total supply is 250 which will be distributed in the form of Twitter retweet giveaways and other auctions.

Lucky Charred — its first animated airdropper card by Twerpz Master Artist Aris Mikelatos!

Mr. Charred is not an average or ordinary promo. It is limited to a mint run of just 100 cards and explores the secret power of the gift that keeps on giving. It also looks at the purpose of existence which is to raindrop on owners when they least expect it. The Lucky Charred does not entitle its owners to every Crypto Twerpz promo until its Q4 pack and box launch, but the owners can get a good combination of past and future Twerpz promo airdrops. 

There are many promos that have been released, and we are releasing more of them leading to the launch day in mid – late December 2020. 

The WAX blockchain platform allows you to collect the promos, trade them, and own them with the digital pack and box version available in December 2020.

Join the discussion surrounding the project, become a part of its community on Telegram (Don’t forget to include #MA when joining the Telegram group for an awesome welcome), and follow it on Twitter and get all the interesting details revealed. 

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