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Exclusive Pre-Sale from Scallop for MahaDAO Community

Scallop is the world’s first DeFi enabled neo-bank that uses blockchain to create a secure and safe bridge between traditional and decentralized finance. The start-up is incubated by MahaDAO and offers the first neo-banking facility with the full cryptocurrency experience. This partnership bore many fruits as now Scallop is offering a Pre-Sale of $SCLP tokens for the MahaDAO community and Scallop Community.

Scallop aims to promote the transition from centralized finance to decentralized finance by offering tools that make the crypto adoption process simpler for new users. The DeFi enabled neo-bank also provides a wide range of traditional banking services powered by DeFi and blockchain technology. Scallop is expected to launch its full suite of products in September 2021 in the EU and UK for 747m potential users and expand to Asia next year.

MahaDAO are the creators of the world’s first valuecoin, ARTH, that shields billions of people against inflation. The coin also enables users to protect their purchasing power while earning a multitude of rewards. 

Scallop is offering a pre-sale of $SCLP token exclusively for the MahaDAO and Scallop communities. They have released a pledge form to register interest for participation in the presale round.

Please find the form below:

Note: This is not a commitment of capital of any kind. It is only to register interest in the presale round. This will be the only opportunity to register interest, so please fill out the form if you are interested.

Scallop x MahaDAO

Scallop was incubated by MahaDAO and as a result, a strategic partnership was formed. Both of the projects share a broader vision to help many around the world to overcome systemic economic hurdles.

Also as a result of the partnership between Scallop and MahaDAO, $ARTH was integrated into the Scallop ecosystem. Scallop now offers $ARTH as one of the primary stablecoins and allows users to use it as a medium of the transaction throughout the platform.

Some use cases of $ARTH will be:

  • Users can securely hold $ARTH in Scallop Wallets 
  • Use it for Scallop Earn to earn high yield interests
  • Users can interact with DeFi protocols such as Compound, dYdX, and Aave using Scallop Earn 
  • Users can purchase goods and services with Scallop Pay using $ARTH 

Scallop offers an impressive and enviable suite of products which gives $ARTH users special privileges. Scallop is constantly working to optimize its functionality and boost crypto adoption.

This pre-sale from Scallop is the first of its kind, as a form of a community offering. This is the first time a DeFi project has offered its community a token at the same stage as Venture Capital firms and equating them on the same vesting and terms too. It’s fitting of Scallop and aligns with their vision for a fairer and more equitable financial system.

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