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Fancy earning crypto as you drive? Look out for the new range from Jaguar Landrover

Jaguar Landrover | Inside Crypto TodayHow do you like the sound of earning cryptocurrency as you drive? Imagine getting crypto kachiiing for reporting traffic jams, road closures and all manner of other incidents and hazards on the highways. Apparently that is just what might be on offer with the new plans unveiled by Jaguar Landrover.

According to an article in BTC Wires, the luxury vehicle producers has confirmed that they are working towards building an in-vehicle smart cryptocurrency wallet. The aim of the wallet is to create a decentralized incentive programme where the drivers would be paid in crypto for sharing driver date, with the system already being tested right here in the UK with their Jaguar F-PACE and Range Rover Velar vehicles.

It’s not mentioned whether drivers will be rewarded for reporting speed cameras (not to say that we condone such terribly subversive behaviour…)

Sources cited by BTC Wires also confirm that Jaguar Landrover will be using the IOTA, whose smart contract software has proven to be highly compatible with the latest software technology in the vehicles. For IOTA, the move is seen as a key step towards becoming the compnay of choice as far as such technology goes in the future, with the brand having high hopes of expanding out to other vehicle manufacturers in the very near future.

We are all for this move, although it did occur to us that there is one potential hitch in the equation – Jaguar’s apparent hold on UK production. Maybe this latest innovation will ignite a new spark of interest in a brand which has slowly faded from the spotlight in recent years.

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