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Flare Finance Witnesses a Massive Rush for its NFT Sale

NFTs have come a long way from their early days about a year back. NFTs have become a good way to reward community members and stay connected with them.  Multiple projects are associating themselves with NFTs and executing a range of activities including airdrops, rewards, etc. 

In countries like the Philippines, NFTs have proven to be a game-changer for citizens affected by the pandemic and the decline of their currency, in addition to the rate of unemployment in those countries. With NFTs, holders and crypto enthusiasts can earn significant sums of money without the need for huge technical knowledge. 

With the huge success of NFTs, various projects have announced plans to sell NFTs, and recently, Flare Finance, the first DeFi platform on the Flare Network, announced the launch of “The Delorean NFT” on Rarible.

The Massive Response

Community members responded to the launch with zeal and enthusiasm, and in less than three days after the launch, over $1000000 worth of NFTs were sold, and less than 2.5k NFTs are left on Rarible. Those who buy and hold these NFTs will enjoy a series of breathtaking benefits.

The Delorean NFT is well-designed and bound to bring pride to the users. The graphics indicate the dedication of the Flare Finance team towards the community and building impeccable products. 

What’s in it for Users?

One of the benefits holders of the Delorean NFT stand to get is “The Right Arm of Supaku ” NFT, which will be given once the sales for Delorean NFT ends. The Right Arm of Supaku does not stand alone; as the name implies, it is only one part. The other half is “The Left Arm of Supaku.” 

One would need to have the “The Left Arm of Supaku” and 10% of the supply of the “The Right Arm of Supaku” to become eligible for unique physical art. There are plans to have both NFTs, and physical arts, and this project has been termed “Supaku’s Awakening.”

While the “ Right Arm of Supaku” NFT is already available, “ The Left Arm of Supaku” NFT will be accessible once the FlareDrop platform goes live. It would go on to become the first hot-drop on the platform. For now, users can work towards getting 10% of the supply of “ The Right Arm of Supaku” NFT while waiting for its counterpart. To learn more about Flare Finance, click here and check this site to understand more about NFTs.

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