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Flash Sale Limelight – Bitbns (BNS) Flash Sale on KuCoin

KuCoin, a global cryptocurrency exchange also known as  ‘The People’s Exchange’ offers numerous digital assets and cryptocurrencies. Ever since its launch in September 2017, KuCoin has become one of the most popular crypto exchanges with more than 5 million registered users and presence in 200+ countries. Currently, 1 out of every crypto holder in the world is with KuCoin. Its extensive presence in the world map for the cryptocurrency is the reason why BitBNS has opted for its token sale IEO on KuCoin. `

Let’s focus our attention on the BNS token flash sale on 31’ st July 2020! The BNS IEO token sale  on KuCoin Spotlight started on 23’rd July which ended today. The BNS token sale was operable using the Lottery Ticket Acquisition(web-only access) and Flash sale. 


The flash sale details for tomorrow are given below: 



  • Flash Sale Participation Start Time: 20:00:00 on July 31, 2020 (UTC+8)
  • Flash Sale Allocation: 21,250,000 BNS (51% of total allocation)
  • Allocation Per Flash Sale Share: 51 USDT (2,125 BNS)


Complete KYC verification as an Indian user before 23:59:59 on July 30, 2020 (UTC+8). The KYC verification review takes 1-3 working days, so KYC certification has to be submitted in advance. Users should pass the advanced KYC to purchase and sign purchase agreement. Once the due diligence is done, users can participate in the Flash sale Page where a ‘First-come,-First Served’ mechanism will let only the first 10k participants get BNS flash shares

BitBNS is an Indian exchange founded in December 2017. BNS has completed four rounds of pre-public sale within 20 minutes. BitBNS had chosen KuCoin after analyzing several global exchanges to conduct the BNS IEO. Being a multi-protocol utility token that aims at mass adoption of crypto like fiat in day-to-day transactions. BitBNS claims to be the first crypto exchange to introduce bracket orders in crypto trading. The exchange also boasts of several trading tools and features like Margin trading, stop limit, and trailing stop limit.

The news of BNS listing on KuCoin highlights how Indian markets are opening up to the global crypto markets, but this is also the beginning of a new fierce competition that will begin in the Indian space. 


Image Source – KAP Digital

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