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Fractional NFTs for Novelty Items—Is it Possible?

Let’s face it. Cryptocurrencies and NFTs are here to stay despite the constant flak that the mainstream media’s throwing at these two amazing concepts on the daily. And while the hate isn’t exactly unjustified considering the fact that the industry became a prime target for malicious actors to exact their master plans on, the point I’m trying to make is that these industries aren’t all that bad!

As a matter of fact, large-scale novelty and toy companies that are big names in the business looked into the possibility of creating NFTs and Cryptocurrencies to represent themselves in the crypto space, and possibly the Web3.0! This is great and all as exposure leads to more people knowing about these astounding technologies, which altogether leads to market adoption. But with the industry’s innovation and development taking place, especially in the field of NFT technology, are they really sure that they would want to settle on last-year’s tech if they want to make it out of the NFT market?

This has been a big revolving question that most companies who are trying to make it into the NFT business asked themselves. So, how can they make things better?

Let’s talk about that, but first let’s glide over to the most recent topic of conversation in the case of Toy Companies and Novelty Items taking the plunge into the world of NFTs—Barbie

Barbie and the NFT World

Quite recently, one of the biggest Toy Icons in the world, Barbie, has expressed their desire to embrace blockchain technology and NFTs as a form of collectible and profit-earning venture. It came to a point where even the world-renowned actress Margot Robbie who played the iconic Barbie Doll in the movie expressed diving into the world of bitcoins as for “Kens”, which is a secondary character in the hit-movie starred by yet another world-renowned actor Ryan Gosling, and an oftentimes male partner/counterpart of the world-famous toy Barbie.

It should also be noted that Mattel, the parent company that holds all the rights and ownership over these two iconic toys have done their fair share of NFT venturing in the past, with Hot Wheels becoming a collectible NFT item under the WAX Network back in 2021. With the success of the movie and yet another bold move into the Crypto/NFT space, they see potential in launching Barbie-starred NFTs in major networks in the market for higher exposures, and propensity for profit!

But with this in mind, The question must be asked, aren they necessarily making the great choice, at least in the essence of launching NFTs of Barbie on a larger scale? Because if they wanted to reach more people and sustainably create an NFT collection that does not cost too much, is able to be traded easier, and is not that damaging to the environment, which is where Fractional NFTs come in!

Fractional NFTs, the future of NFT Collectibles

For visionaries out there who wish to delve into the world of NFTs but would want to specifically dabble in the collectibility aspect of Non-Fungible Tokens, their best bet is the newest form of NFTs that the market was introduced to—Fractional NFTs.

In essence, Fractional NFTs act similarly as your conventional NFTs, they have images, they have value, and holders of Fractional NFTs enjoy the same amount of benefits as those with full-fledged NFTs, but what’s epicly-different between these two is the fact that the NFTs have become an unhealthy status symbol to many new-comers in the industry. With blue-chip NFTs costing upwards of millions of dollars, practically barring everyone from ever owning one unless you’re a multi-millionaire with a lot of money to burn.

With Fractional NFTs, this doesn’t happen, as thanks to the new-age technology introduced by ERC-721, NFTs that would’ve costed so much for a single investor can now be divided into multiple F-NFTs, with each owner sharing the same proprietary rights and costs to the NFT, along with the proper profits!

This is perfect for collectibility as Fractional NFTs still retain the original value of the NFT as if it’s whole, while giving everyone involved the same amount of ownership to it!

If you’re not sold on it just yet, here’s more benefits that you can enjoy as a creator like Mattel in this case, or as an investor!

For Creators

  • Cheap to Create, Cheap to Release

    Although there are practically more steps into creating a Fractional NFT than creating one, the overall accessibility of the latter makes up for it, as it’s cheap to create given the fact that for the most part, all you’re ever going to pay for is the launch cost in marketplaces like, as well as the fractionalization costs.

    All of this makes up for the fact that Fractional NFTs sell like hot cakes, or Barbies for that matter, due to how cheap and powerful they are compared to their whole counterparts!

  •  Interoperability

    Suppose you’re Mattel, and you want to release your Barbie NFTs in a larger network like any other company would, but you’re worried that these networks you’re looking at couldn’t support Fractional NFTs!

    Well fret not, because Fractional NFTs are interoperable with other networks and can practically work with any other blockchain besides Ethereum!
  • Supported and Powered by The Industry’s Finest

    Despite being a relatively new technology, the attention it had garnered over its entire life cycle was enough to pique the interests of large-scale NFT solutions provider in the industry, like, which is one of the most powerful Fractional NFT Provider and Marketplace Platforms in the NFT world!
  • Royalties Secured

    Due to their large-scale production nature, Fractional NFTs are perfect for the secondary market as they continue to provide consistent profit to creators thanks to massive royalties per trade!
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For Investors

  • Tradeability

    Due to their low prices, selling and trading these NFTs aren’t a pain in the rear for investors! And for people who would rather combine collectibles with trading NFTs Fractional NFTs is a great choice too as it significantly lowers your overall costs!
  • Cheap and Low Entry Level

    The biggest selling point of Fractional NFTs is the fact that they divvy the price of a regular NFT into its constituents, which means that instead of having a single person shoulder the whole price of a blue-chip NFT, multiple people can chip in it and own Fractions of the NFT without compromise!

The notice that Fractional NFTs have been receiving lately is more than enough leverage for larger outside enterprises like Mattel to dip their toes in the world of F-NFTs, and what better tour guide to this wonderful world of possibilities and profit than one of the faces of this industry! Acting as the central hub for everything F-NFTs, building and launching the Barbie Collectibles and other Toy-NFT Novelty Items would be a breeze if you do it with!

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