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In the midst of the bustling Web3 ecosystem, has made an explosive entrance, generating a remarkable 4,400 ETH (equivalent to around $8.1 million) in trading volume just within the first 24 hours of its invite-only beta launch. Positioned as “the marketplace for your friends,” intends to revolutionize social networking by allowing users to tokenize their connections, enabling them to trade “shares” of themselves. However, as excitement mounts, skepticism follows due to the lack of transparency regarding the app’s origin.

The Vision Behind, built on Coinbase’s layer 2 network, Base, has garnered significant attention for its unique approach. The platform allows users to create profiles that represent fractions of their identity, which others can purchase. Such “shares” grant buyers the privilege to engage in private conversations with the profile owner. Designed to cater to influencers with substantial followings, the platform presents the prospect of monetizing social capital. However, beneath the surface, a veil of uncertainty looms, casting doubt on’s true intentions.

Influencers, particularly those from the world of Crypto Twitter, have flocked to, leveraging their already extensive follower base to fuel the platform’s growth. Notable figures like yuga.eth, Jordan Fish (Cobie) and Hsaka Trades have shown interest, envisioning’s potential as a “Cameo type platform” for the crypto community. Despite this initial excitement, the platform encountered significant network outages and performance issues upon launch, leaving some users disgruntled and questioning the app’s stability.

While’s quick rise to prominence is undeniable, its identity remains shrouded in ambiguity. Pseudonymous developer Racer, responsible for creating TweetDAO, a now-defunct decentralized autonomous organization centered around Twitter account usage, stands as the driving force behind the app. Racer’s pivot from TweetDAO to Stealcam, a platform allowing the minting and “stealing” of NFT images, raised eyebrows. The subsequent transformation into further deepens the puzzle, leaving users and industry experts wondering about the true motives and intentions behind this evolving venture.

Pricing Model and Data Privacy Concerns’s unique pricing model for “shares,” wherein a user’s share price increases with the number of shares sold, has garnered attention and raised questions about fairness and sustainability. Moreover, data privacy concerns have surfaced, as the platform has provided inadequate information about how user data is captured and stored. With the sparse details available about the platform’s roadmap, founders, and privacy policy, potential users are left in the dark about the treatment of their sensitive information.

As’s allure continues to captivate users, a word of caution prevails. The lack of transparency, coupled with its tumultuous journey from TweetDAO to Stealcam and finally, paints an uncertain picture of the platform’s future. Users are urged to conduct thorough research before diving into an ecosystem riddled with ambiguity. While may promise enticing returns and community engagement, its enigmatic origins and veiled intentions underscore the importance of vigilance and prudence in navigating the uncharted territory of decentralized social platforms.

Final Thoughts: A Mirage or an Opportunity?

The captivating slogan “the marketplace for friends” paints a rosy picture of camaraderie and potential. However, beneath the catchy tagline lies a complex landscape fraught with uncertainties.’s swift rise and explosive trading volume demand closer scrutiny, reminding us that, in the realm of Web3, thorough due diligence is paramount. As influencers and users contemplate participating in this enigmatic venture, they must carefully weigh the promises against the lack of clarity, ensuring that any steps taken within the universe are guided by a judicious and cautious approach.

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