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Funarcade’s Booming Community Interest and Demand Led to An Extension In Its Testnet Period

Amidst the rising interest of its gaming community, Funarcade, a community-focused casino platform, extends its beta testnet program to May 31, 2023.

Funarcade is dedicated to providing a pleasant and equitable gaming experience, and its original choice of iGaming alternatives has piqued gamers’ interest. 

The project used an intense testing procedure to ensure the proper operation of the games while offering users the gaming environment experience to fine-tune their games further and provide a top-notch gaming experience for their customers. 

In this approach, Funarcade unveiled its long-awaited beta testnet program on May 8th, allowing users to play casino games while earning tokens to provide feedback.

How To Participate?

The excitement surrounding the Funarcade platform has resulted in market traction for the project, grabbing the rapid attention of all gaming and Web3 enthusiasts. 

This growing popularity and participation of gamers in the testnet has led the project to expand its testnet period. This exciting news allows people to explore Funarcade’s robust platform and supports continual growth through user feedback and cooperation.

To participate in Funarcade’s testnet, Users must connect their wallets and enter their wallet addresses for reward distribution to participate in the testnet. Username sign-ups are not accepted for the testnet period.

The Gameplay: 

Here’s how the testnet unfolds: 

  • Funarcade’s testnet includes seven assignments that users must complete, each requiring you to test each game 10 times (5 times in each currency) and provide pertinent input.
  • Testers who complete all seven missions and leave feedback at least once will be eligible for the prizes. 
  • After finishing the first six missions, a feedback form will open, and testers can offer input up to five times. 
  • Testers will be eligible for testnet awards once all seven missions have been completed.

Reward System:

Based on the quality of the feedback, Funarcade’s token payouts are divided into three pools for rewarding the users. This division unfolds as follows: 

  • Users Providing Relevant Feedback: These users will receive 15% tokens in reward (150,000 tokens)
  • Users Leaving Good/Detailed Feedback: These users will receive 40% tokens in reward (400,000 tokens)
  • Users Leaving Great Feedback: These users will receive 45% tokens in reward (450,000 tokens).

With a community-owned structure bringing a decentralized and democratic approach to development, Funarcade has become gamers’ and developers’ favorite gaming platform for its complete transparency. The project also allows its users to receive awards and even stake the project’s native FAT tokens as a means of passive income from the platform’s revenues.

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So if you’re a gamer or developer who still hasn’t entered the revolutionary gaming world of Funarcade and benefitted from its native FAT token, this is your time to make the most of its booming testnet within its new extended timeframe. You can learn more about the platform’s testnet program, participation, and rewards here.

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