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GameSwift Aims To Accelerate Web3 Adoption Via New Passwordless Sign-On System

The new open alpha version launch of the GameSwift Platform has been announced, which will be an all-encompassing location to play and build Web3 games. It also includes the unique GameSwift ID feature which is a revolutionary passwordless sign-on system.

The goal is to provide effective Web3 onboarding for both games and their players. To that end, the platform has also unveiled strategic partnerships with both Polygon and Casper Network to accelerate the mass adoption of Web3 games.

Creating a holistic hub for gamers

The team’s most recent release is the Platform, which, along with the Launcher and ID, produces a comprehensive hub for gamers who want to be able to enjoy playing Web3 games without any hindrances.

To that end, one of the most difficult challenges in Web3 gaming today is onboarding new players, owing to requirements that mainstream players did not have to face previously, such as the necessity of having blockchain-based experience or knowledge. The complexity of finding quality information, searching through different chains, and creating a crypto wallet frequently leads to confusion and skepticism, which often discourages players from exploring the Web3 world. Moreover, as most wallet solutions are not designed for new players, it can be difficult and frustrating to get into Web3 games.

CEO Pan Paragraf stated that the team decided to focus all of their efforts while developing the GameSwift Platform on what was missing on the market and preventing mass adoption. They knew they had to create the most secure and simple way to access Web3 games, which is what ultimately led to the creation of the platform.

What is GameSwift doing about it?

To address the aforementioned issues, GameSwift built a gamer-friendly platform with a simple sign-in process, leveraging universal logins from well-known services such as Google or Facebook. In addition, having an account will also automatically create an in-built wallet for users.

The platform provides players with easy access to a large library of Web3 gaming titles which offer countless hours of entertainment while utilizing the platform, with the blockchain layer remaining invisible to the players, thereby enabling them to focus solely on having fun while playing their favorite titles.

Put simply, most gamers don’t want to deal with the hassle of initially having to understand complicated blockchain knowledge which also includes having to comprehend e-wallets, in-game transactions, high fees, and dealing with third-party platforms and exchanges. GameSwift, therefore, wishes to make gaming simple, accessible, and easy so that players can have fun without facing any technical problems or barriers. 

What other features does GameSwift provide?

The GameSwift Platform offers several key advantages to gamers, including access to numerous Web3 gaming titles, no gas fees on all transactions, and simple cashouts of game rewards via integrated bank card payments. Additionally, the platform benefits game studios and developers by providing them with access to a suite of infrastructure solutions as well as critical data about their games, such as insights into their player base and in-game behaviour.

Also, a rich list of Web3 games is already available on the GameSwift Platform from launch day! The very first titles featured on GameSwift are StarHeroes, Kryxivia, Rocket Monsters, Rage Effect, Solcraft, Synergy Land, NetherLords, MotoDEX, Oyabun, Sollarion, Legends of Elysium, Lazy Soccer, Life Beyond, MetaBots, and Elementies Universe, including both current partnerships and yet-to-be-announced ones!

Furthermore, there is a GameSwift Launcher app which allows for quick game download, easy parallel installation, and automatic game updates. The Launcher also improves security, performance, and automatic updates, making gaming more enjoyable and simple. Also, whereas the Launcher would always provide players with the most recent game versions, this application shall additionally ensure that all game files are kept in sync and secure each game using a dedicated DRM system.

The GameSwift team is constantly striving to enhance the overall gaming experience by adding new features to the platform, which currently includes easy registration, login, and password reset, the ability to update player profiles, an entire library of games with the option to filter and add games to a wishlist, integration with Google, and more.

With that in mind, GameSwift welcomes users to create their accounts, which is an easy and straightforward process. Be sure to sign up as soon as possible to start reaping all of the benefits that GameSwift offers.

As GameSwift wants to continue to grow over time while also being a key player in this space, various Web3 gaming studios are more than welcome to join the Platform and significantly accelerate the growth of their respective products.

About GameSwift

GameSwift strives to be the ultimate Web3 gaming Platform and Launcher while having a reliable infrastructure and providing easy and simple gaming features and solutions so that everyone can enjoy playing their favourite games as seamlessly as possible.

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It aims to be the best place to play Web3 games and create a platform which can benefit from true digital asset ownership. Users can discover, download, and play a variety of games, regardless of what chain they might be on or whether they are knowledgeable about blockchain or not. Lastly, GameSwift users can earn various rewards and easily cash them out in addition to enjoying the games.

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