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Gate Web3 Wallet Unveils Major Updates, Expanding Blockchain Support and Enhancing User Experience

Gate Web3 Wallet, the non-custodial multi-chain wallet developed by the exchange, has recently rolled out a series of substantial updates to both its mobile app and browser extension versions. 

Chrome Extension Update

The latest version of the Chrome extension (V1.0.9) comes with a slew of enhancements:

  • Support for SUI and SEI Chains: Users can now seamlessly manage SUI and SEI native assets and tokens within the wallet, including the ability to create, import, receive, and send them.
  • Base Chain Integration: The Gate Web3 wallet now supports the Base chain, which is Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible. This means users can run smart contracts and DApps on the Base chain, akin to Ethereum.
  • NFT Management: Users can conveniently manage and trade NFTs from Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Arbitrum (ARB), and Ethereum (ETH) all within the same wallet.
  • Automatic Chain Detection: The wallet can now automatically detect and identify networks and assets held on different blockchains, simplifying the process of adding blockchains and accounts.
  • Flexible Blockchain Configuration: The new interface and data structure optimizations allow users to dynamically configure supported blockchains, enabling them to add or remove assets based on their specific needs.

Mobile App Update

The mobile app updates for both iOS (5.6.2) and Android (5.6.7) introduce several noteworthy features:

  • Addition of Base EVM-Compatible Chain: The Gate Web3 wallet now extends its support to more EVM-compatible blockchains, facilitating transactions and interactions across various ecosystems, including Base.
  • Expanded Support for SUI and SEI Chains: This update streamlines wallet creation and management for SUI and SEI chains, making it easier to send and receive tokens on these chains.
  • BRC20 Functionality: Users can now effortlessly create, receive, and transfer BRC20 tokens.
  • BTC Address Selection: Users can select their preferred BTC destination address, ensuring funds are directed to the correct location.
  • Multi-Chain Token Details: The wallet provides comprehensive token details from various chains, offering an aggregate asset overview within a single interface, simplifying asset management and tracking.
  • NFT Support on BSC and ARB: Users can now send NFTs on both BSC and ARB chains, enhancing NFT management and trading.
  • New Activities Feature: Users can conveniently track recent transactions and activity directly from the homepage, providing easy access to wallet history and transaction records.
  • Optimized Transaction History: The transaction history page has been improved, displaying detailed transaction data, including hashes, making it easier to track transaction statuses and confirmations.
  • Flutter Version DEX Module: The Gate Web3 wallet has transitioned to a Flutter version DEX module, delivering a smoother, more responsive, and user-friendly decentralized exchange experience.

The latest updates to the Gate Web3 Wallet bring expanded blockchain support, enhanced user experiences, and greater flexibility to users, allowing them to efficiently manage assets, transact across multiple chains with different asset types, and engage with decentralized platforms.

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