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Goracle & KiX Invites Users to Test the World’s Most Advanced Fantasy Sports Trading Exchange

Goracle, the cutting-edge decentralized oracle, and provider of real-world data solutions, is delighted to announce the next stage in its strategic partnership with KiX, the world’s most advanced fantasy sports trading exchange. This collaboration aims to revolutionize the fan experience by seamlessly integrating real-time football data from football matches into the KiX trading app, harnessing the full power of Goracle’s on-chain sports data.

And NOW we are ready to invite a select group of users to join us in testing the KiX Protocol! 

As part of our partnership, Goracle is honored to extend an exclusive invitation to the members of its community to participate in the alpha testing phase of KiX, giving them a unique opportunity to be at the forefront of this innovative development, to contribute to the success of the Goracle network, and to gain invaluable first-hand experience with the KiX platform ahead of its highly anticipated main net launch!

What to Expect in the KiX Alpha Test?

KiX is a decentralized trading exchange where users can buy and sell tokens linked to the performance of some of the world’s most exciting football stars. The prices of these tokens will fluctuate based on market demand meaning gains (and losses!) can be made in trading them, but holders can also earn winnings based on the real-life match statistics generated by these players.

If a player achieves a podium placement (first, second, or third) among other players in a given set of fixtures (a “Game Group”) holders of that player’s token will share in the rewards of a big prize winnings pool. So there’s lots going on and lots of ways to win!

In the KiX Alpha Test, real historic game data will be used to simulate player performance, and Game Groups, usually involving at least three football matches, will occur once a day.

Testers will be asked to:

  • Link their crypto wallet
  • Acquire free $FreeKix tokens — the test platform currency
  • Use their $FreeKix to buy and sell named player tokens, also known as DATs (Digital Athlete Tokens).

Once a KiX tester has purchased DATs, they can view their portfolio of tokens, track changes in their values, and see which DATs earn podium placings based on their match performance. Holders of podium-placed DATs will then receive $FreeKiX “winnings.” Of course, from there, testers will be able to continue to buy new DATs and sell the ones they hold.

The First round Alpha testing is starting NOW, and the Goracle community is invited to register. By signing up, testers will receive:

  • Automatic KiX whitelisting for airdrops and other forthcoming launch offers.
  • A chance to earn a share of the Goracle Incentivised Testnet rewards pool.
  • Exclusive pre-release access to the KiX protocol.

How Testers can  Enter

The Goracle community is invited to sign in to the Goracle Incentivised Testnet. From there, they can access the Kix Alpha Test registration.

About KiX

Kix is the world’s most advanced fantasy sports trading exchange, where DEX traders can buy and sell fungible sports star tokens and earn rewards based on their on-pitch performance. It is set for the main net launch tracking  the new European football season in August 2023.

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About Goracle

Goracle is a decentralized oracle network that links the Algorand blockchain to the physical world.
For more information about Goracle, visit our Linktree.

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