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Hegic Celebrates $100M Volume by Launching Cypherpunk NFTs

Hegic celebrates $100 million volume by launching cypherpunk NFTs. It has done that by partnering with Toxicpoeth for launching the NFT collection.

A news post on Cryptobriefing states that Hegic has partnered with Toxic Poeth and launched a new NFT collection. The collection is in being able to garner close to $100 million trading volume in the blockchain market. 

This is a tremendous feat for Hegic. The NFT collection may be called the “The Hegic Citadel Collection.” According to insiders, the NFT obtained from the collection would consist of one-time rewards that can be redeemed. 

Traders can purchase the collection through the Rarible marketplace. NFTs in the collection come to six different types that traders can purchase. The card offers holders a unique piece of art and rewards. 

Jason Fernandes, who is a crypto analyst, had tweeted on the development. 

Analysts have pointed out that the price range is 0.0088 ETH for which users can get their hands on the cheapest artwork. There is also an astounding 888.8 ETH that will cost a lot. 

The digital collectible is very different from the rewards. Collectible can be accessed by the owners when they want. Besides, the owner can redeem through the Hegic platform. It ranges from artwork files to other rewards that include the ETH/WBTC. 

Once users have been able to redeem the reward, NFT is not functional. Users may not be able to sell them to potential buyers henceforth. Those wanting to purchase these collectibles directly from Toxic Poeth can access the perks for the NFT. 

Toxic Poeth said that the artworks are a collection of the NFT of the functional works and come in limited edition. The rewards are then paid retroactively through the Hegic Development Fund to the users. 

Digital collectible owners can get access to having a private chat with the Hegic team. They can verify all the claims from them. Then they need to offer the proof to the Hegic team, after which the funds are transferred regularly to them.

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