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Here’s all to know about the Binance Smart Chain Bruno Upgrade

Cryptocurrency network Binance Smart Chain recently revealed that it would receive a BSC Bruno Upgrade v.1.1.5 on November 30. The upgrade has piqued BSC users’ interest in what a Bruno upgrade entails.

With over 2 million daily active users, BSC is one of the most active cryptocurrency networks. Within 24 hours, the network is expected to process 14 million transactions, which puts it in a class of its own. The network experienced both pros and negatives as it reached an ATH on November 17th. Full node synchronization is one of the most difficult issues faced by the platform, and there have been steps to address it.

Binance has opted to implement a hard fork release, which is a real-time mechanism for burning BNB coins from the BSC network supply. The technique seeks to reduce the time it takes for full node synchronization by 60%. Binance previously mentioned the BEP-95 cryptocurrency, which will be included in the upgrade.

In the BSC blockchain network, forks are used to introduce new software upgrades. There are two sorts of forks: soft and hard. Hard forks are used for a complete update in which old nodes must accept the upgrade, whereas soft forks are used to tighten network regulations.

Here’s what happens during the Bruno upgrade

At a block height of 13,082,000, there will be logic shifts. Afterward, there would be the launch of several new features aimed at removing issues plaguing the network. Regular developers and users are unaffected by the BSC Bruno upgrade, which merely adds a real-time burning mechanism. However, burning BNB tokens have an impact on the entire network. Validators will be the most affected (full node operators).

What happens if I fail to upgrade my whole node on time?

If you don’t upgrade your software on time, you won’t be able to send or receive transactions. This is because you will not be able to sync with Binance’s new Smart Chain validator/peer nodes.

You can recover by downloading and compiling the most recent version of the upgrade, v.1.1.5. Then stop the geth process and use v.1.1.5 to recover it.

Important Upgrades  in 1.1.5

4.1 Real-Time Burning Mechanism BEP95: The burning of gas fees will hasten the burning of BNB, making BSC more decentralized and increasing BNB’s inherent value in the future.

It is divided into two sections:

  • In each block, a fixed percentage of the gas fee received by validators will be burned.
  • BSC validators can control the burning ratio.

Diff Sync Protocol: Speed up node sync BEP-93: The diffsync interface is now available as a stable feature in this release. According to tests, diff sync improves synchronizing speed by about 60% to 70%. By adding —diffsync to the beginning command, all complete nodes are encouraged to enable it. For more information, see BEP93.
Improved CI/CD: On UnitTest, IntegrationTest, and Build Tests, the continuous integration flow has been improved.

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