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Hey there Lebanon – time to learn more about Cryptocurrencies!

Dear citizens of Lebanon,

We love everything about Lebanon! Its food, its culture, the cosmopolitan nightlife,and hence we are worried about your dwindling economy! Your country is in a deep crisis because your own currency with a beautiful name – Lira, doesn’t look beautiful anymore. It has deprived you of your financial freedom with present purchasing power parity down by 50% and that is massive in 2 weeks!

How are you even surviving? Lira has lost half its sheen and value in ten days and is worth one satoshi (Bitcoin term!) which is the lowest of the low it has gone. When Lebanon is such a forward-thinking economy, what is stopping you from switching over to cryptocurrencies?

What are you waiting for?

By the way, did you realize your own youth, the leaders of tomorrow are crypto-ready? It is high time now that you think above Lira. She obviously has lost her glaze and shimmer because COVID-19 has got the better of her. It is now time to switch over to something that promises performance, security, and transparency breaking away from the shackles of mediocrity and fear.

Yes! Cryptos! 

They are here to stay and slay. Your over-regulated markets deprive you of the freedom you need to grow your money. Despite several regulations, the financial sector remains the most vulnerable sector in terms of scams and your government has no control over it. But when crypto is created, all your transactions are stored in a public ledger with encryption without government control also because it is decentralized. Your digital wallets are ensured safety because of smart contracts and encryption, your bank accounts aren’t!

No other electronic cash system lets you own your account, but crypto does. It lets you have your financial liberty even for those who are presently unbanked. Cryptocurrency is not a new kid on the block. Your Fiat currency Lira proved that it has no intrinsic value, unlike cryptos. Despite the support of Central banks and the government, it still couldn’t help herself from slipping away. But now you can correct your misjudgment by investing in cryptos for hedging against risks. Crypto is a great way to insure yourself against pandemics, wars, and even environmental catastrophes. 

Yes, it is volatile but don’t you invest in Gold, commodities, and equities? Despite regulation, it still is characterized by high volatility. 

It is time to think beyond the obvious, to diversify and to think differently. 

Stop being a puppet of controllers, start framing your own investment journey. 

We want to keep Lebanon alive!


Your Crypto friends,

Inside Crypto Today


Image Source – KAP Digital

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