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How DAOs and NFTs Are Helping Promote Cool Japan?

Prime Minister Fumio Kishida of Japan has publicly expressed optimism that blockchain technology may help address some of Japan’s pressing technological challenges.

On February 1, before the Budget Committee of the Japanese House of Representatives, Kishida responded to queries from Liberal Democratic Party member Masaaki Taira by saying there were “various possibilities for using Web3” in Japan. Nonfungible tokens (NFTs) and decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs), he said, may be used by the Japanese government to help regenerate areas and spread the message of “Cool Japan,” the country’s initiative to showcase its technologies and culture abroad.

Taira is in charge of a government group tasked with developing a Web3 policy. He mentioned working with Japanese tax authorities and investigating the possibility of releasing a digital yen. The national bank revealed in November that it would launch a digital currency trial program in the spring of 2023.

The Existence of Anime-Themed NFTs:

While the importance and potential benefit of using web3 technology to promote Japan’s culture are now implemented, the global web3 and NFT industry are no strangers to Japanese anime. Projects like Azuki have initiated the characterization of the modern NFT anime craze in the NFT market. Another example of popular NFT projects that have spread Japanese art and anime awareness and craze on a broader scale is Akuma Origins. Again, this project has successfully created a unique NFT collection with a different style than other anime art-focused NFT projects, which made great hype too. 

But that’s not all, as the Japanese art-focused NFT collections like Haki, Kiwami, Karafuru, and much more have successfully used the web3 infrastructure to promote Japan’s culture and creativity through their captivating collection that made it big in the NFT world. And as Japan begins to embrace web3 technology and adopt its modern approaches in the real world, we may witness new NFT and web3 projects rising and it BIG in the decentralized digital world. 

How Can You Access These NFTs? 

Are you a Japan-based anime lover? Yes, we’re talking about the all-time hit and exciting series like Naruto or the Sherlock Holmes of the manga and anime world, Detective Conan. If you’ve been an active viewer of manga and anime shows, you’ve watched these popular ones. And the more you watch anime shows, the more you start appreciating Japan’s anime art for its unique details and portrayal. 

Now, what if you had an opportunity to collect anime art as an NFT and take your love for anime art to the next level? We know collecting an anime NFT, especially from the top projects like Azuki, can be expensive. These hyped projects and their NFT collections have undeniably reached the ceiling with their floor prices. At this time, Ommniverse lets you access your favourite NFT through fractionalized investment. 

Yes, you can pay a fraction of the NFT’s value and still hold it in your collection! But this isn’t only a shortcut to grab your favourite anime NFT and promote your created collections to a broader audience of fractional NFT collectors. You know what this means, right? With a fractional purchase of your NFT, the value only goes up – so there’s no looking back for you once you’ve listed your anime on Ommniverse. 

Either way, Ommniverse offers you an advanced platform with modern technology and features that are perfect for promoting or collecting a fraction of NFTs. Moreover, with the broader visitors, creators, and collectors of this popular platform, you don’t only benefit yourself but also contribute to promoting Japanese culture. It’s time to take Japan’s art and culture to the broader scale of the web3 world.

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