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How does ‘Axie Infinity’ compare to the world of blockchain gaming?

The blockchain gaming industry has been taken over by a new competitor that has been making a lot of noise. Axie Infinity is a blockchain-enabled game that utilizes in-game NFTs and has a play-to-earn model. By leaving no stone unturned, Axie Infinity has initiated a new era of the gaming industry with its in-game currency called SLP. 

Axie Infinity is based on two core models: an Adventure Mode where players play against computer-controlled enemies and the second Player vs. Player mode. In the adventure mode, the player has to clear levels and gain experience points to win rewards. Every day the player receives 20 energy points which he can choose to spend on either mode.

However, even if the energy points run out, the player can continue playing the game to earn SLP (Smooth Love Potion) that can be converted to fiat instead of experience points. The adventure model levels also help users earn SLP until the player reaches 50 SLP, which is the earning cap in adventure mode. Following that, players can use their energy points in PVP mode to earn more SLPs.

Player Vs. Player Mode Experience

Axie Infinity is not a luck-based game and requires skills to pass every level or defeat other players. It is a strategy-based game where the player has to carefully make every step as it will affect the outcome of the game. 

Here are a few of the features that are the secret behind its instant popularity.

  • Exciting Last Stand Element

Axie Infinity offers the same thrill as any other PVP game when the match is at the point of conclusion and the last attack at the right time will decide the winner. 

  • Quick Matchmaking

Another exciting feature of Axie Infinity is quick matchmaking which suggests a full server with active players all around the world. New players are matched according to their skill level to give both players a fair chance to win. 

  • Easy Learning Curve

Most PVP games have a learning curve that is primarily affected by the player’s motor skill levels. However, a typical player can be good at the game in about 20 hours and have a fair chance of making a profit. 

Axie Infinity is a revolutionary game that has brought all possible benefits of blockchain gaming to real life. It is an arena worth exploring as it’s fun, interactive, and, most importantly, rewarding. 

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